6 Tips to Reach Parents About Your School Sports Day Event

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Sports Day Event

School sports days are a fun event for all students, but it’s important that the parents know when the big day is here. Not only do they need to get the kids ready for a special day of school, but it’s also more fun if they help encourage the students and maybe even attend.

When it comes time to start planning your next sports event at school, here are six ways to promote your school sports day to parents, so everyone can get in on the fun!

Sports Day Event

Design eye-catching posters to hang around the school

Whether it’s to drop off or pick up their student, attend a parent/teacher conference, or go to another school event, parents are always visiting the school grounds. And while they’re walking the hallways or waiting outside for their children, they’re looking around. Some well-placed posters are a great way to catch their attention and keep them informed of amazing upcoming events, like your school sports day!

The key is to make your posters both eye-catching and informative. You want to capture their attention, so they can’t help but investigate your poster further to see what it’s all about.

Naturally, you’re busy keeping a school running and planning a sports day. You don’t have time to design amazing posters from scratch. Luckily, there are tons of free sports poster templates available online from websites like PosterMyWall.

Simply browse through the designs, choose the one that best fits your school, customize the information using the easy drag-and-drop editor, and you’re ready to print. You’ll have the school grounds covered in amazing posters, and every single parent will know when the school sports day will be!

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Send flyers home with students

Even if all the parents don’t visit the school grounds on a regular basis, there are some people who see the parents every single day after school: the students!

Take the posters you made to hang around the school and hand them out to each student to take home. This is an almost sure-fire way to reach at least a majority of the parents and inform them of your upcoming sports day. Of course, some may get lost in backpacks, on the bus, or simply be forgotten, but sending flyers home with the kids is an effective way to get information into the hands of parents.

Post a bulletin on the school website

It’s not easy to fit all the information parents need to know about a school sports day on a single one-page poster or flyer, and parents definitely want all the details about anything when it comes to their kids’ activities. Give parents a place where they can easily find all the information they need on your website.

Your website has unlimited space. Simply make a new page, add all the information about your upcoming school sports day event, and tell parents how to find it. The best way would be to put a QR code on your posters and flyers or include a link in any digital materials you create.

Parents are always visiting the school website to keep up with the calendar, check grades, and keep up with the latest news. You could even add a small banner to your school website promoting the sports day, along with a link, to make sure every parent learns about the super-fun activity.

Update your social media pages

Social media is one of the most popular ways to keep up with people, brands, and yes, even schools in 2023. If your school has a social media page, there’s a good chance the parents of your students follow the page for updates. Why not use that platform to promote your school sports day event?

You never know when people are going to check their social media feeds. It’s best to post regular content promoting your sports day, just to make sure every parent sees the information.

And since it does take time to create all those graphics and posts, you can save the poster designs you made as an image to upload it to your social media feeds without taking time away from your already-busy schedule.

Send an email newsletter

Almost everyone has an email address these days — literally! According to studies, 92% of the U.S. population uses email for regular communication. That’s more than either social media or messaging apps!

What that means for you is that you can guarantee that almost every parent can be reached via email. All you need to do is craft a catchy email about your school sports day event and send it to all the parents in your database. Don’t forget to include a link to your website.

Invite parents to watch the games

People are typically more invested in events if there’s a benefit for them. Of course, every parent wants their child to have fun at a school sports day, but they’d be even more interested if they could attend and watch their child have fun playing games all day — while taking plenty of videos to brag to the relatives later.

Inviting parents to watch the sports day is a great way to encourage them to remember. Since they have to make arrangements to attend, they’ll definitely mark it on the calendar and ensure their child eats a hearty breakfast that morning to give them plenty of energy to play. Plus, everyone will have more fun on the day of the event.

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The best ways to promote your school sports day event

School sports days are more fun when everyone is prepared. And when it comes to school children, that preparation starts with the parents. Before hosting a school sports day, it’s important to get the parents on board with effective promotions to give them all the information they need.

When you’re ready to start reaching out to parents about your school sports day event, hang plenty of eye-catching posters around the school, send flyers home with the students, update the school website, create plenty of posts for your social media channels, send an email newsletter, and invite parents to watch the games. When all your promotional efforts work together, there’s no way a single parent will miss your school sports day event.