Tips for the CityVille game on Facebook

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The CityVille game is one of the most played on Facebook. We can find different tips to easily level up and enjoy the best parts of the game well.

How to become a good Cityville player?

Focus on expansion

The cityville player must necessarily have priority over the growth of his city to quickly benefit from an optimal space. You will also have to focus a little more on the development of crops and houses.

Clearly, we must have the goal of developing business. In other words, the expansion of the city does not require much expense. It is even possible to save money. However, it will be necessary to equip itself with water resources to guarantee the establishment of the seaport.

Send and receive the merchandise

To send and receive merchandise in the game, the player can use the train. It can be accessed from the first part. On the other hand, it is also possible to use the boat. In this period, it will be necessary to develop a port and gain access to the sea.

Putting the train into practice

In the Cityville game on Facebook, the participant must reflect well on their delivery modes. To buy various goods and then sell them, you will have to send your train to your neighbors and friends.

Note that transactions are generally between him and his friends. The earning of money will depend on the number of friends visited. It is possible to visit up to 10 friends in total. We will see that the train is the ideal vehicle to ensure the development of the city cityville with a high level of transportation. This allows the creation of full access to resources.

Other ways to improve your skills in Cityville

Balance your energy

In the cityville game, there are tasks that require a lot of energy and others must be left to the neighbors. The latter is very profitable to gain more energy. Actually, a click represents a point of energy.

However, there are tasks that are performed by multiple clicks. In total, we have 12 energy points. To stabilize, it is advisable to space the activities of 5 minutes of waiting. However, planting the crops does not require much.

Earn money

In this game, the player can use his means to create homes and collect rents to get more money. In addition, the amount of the rents usually varies.

Earn a bonus

With harvest mode, the user can get a bonus from the harvests, such as obtaining XP. It will be necessary to collect more than 30 objects, or 15 buildings.
To get the most out of the CityVille game on Facebook, we can access many practical tips on the Internet.