Does The Future of Casino Gaming Lie in Apps?

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Casino Gaming

The online casino industry continues to grow at a rapid pace, at the same time technology is developing and improving. Internet based casino gambling first began in the 1990s but didn’t really take off until the early 2000s when the world wide web became accessible to many.

Now, the online casino industry is valued at $63.53 billion US dollars and is expected to exceed $127 billion by 2027. Gamers can quickly and easily log on to sites like 777casino from their computers, tablets and smartphones and enjoy a variety of games like poker, blackjack and online slots.

Casino Gaming

The way people enjoy online casino games has changed somewhat over the past three decades. There are now more than four billion smartphone users around the world and as usage has grown, we have seen a shift from users playing games on their desktop to playing through smartphone apps.

We rely on mobile apps for many aspects of our lives in the modern day, from listening to music and learning languages to ordering a grocery shop or browsing online clothing stores. Therefore, the growing use of apps for casino entertainment is little surprise.

The mobile gaming experience has improved significantly in recent years, at first casino sites were clunky and not optimized for mobile screen displays. Slow loading speeds created frustration and some games couldn’t be loaded at all. Even the first casino apps before the Apple and Google Play stores were basic and not entirely fit for purpose.

However, technology’s evolution has been a real game changer for mobile casino users. With more advanced smartphone devices and faster internet speeds, games can be easily loaded and the experience is no longer disrupted by lagging.

In the last couple of years, the continued rollout of the 5G network has also added to this seamless experience and allowed users to have an uninterrupted experience on casino apps while on the go. Nearly all smartphones are capable of downloading top casino apps from Apple or Android app stores and regular updates mean any bugs are fixed quickly.

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Of course, casino games can still also be played in land based casino venues or on desktop devices through casino websites. But why do users prefer to play and use casino gaming apps online?


One of the most obvious benefits of gaming on a casino app is convenience. Playing on your phone is quick and easy, you can play on your commute to work, at a coffee shop or even just curled up on the sofa at home. Smartphones tend to have great battery lives and so you can move around and continue activities while you play.

Also, casino apps save the players data. When you open the app you can quickly log in with a passcode or Face ID. All your previous game history and your account balance is saved and ready for you to view. 

With advancements in technology, we have become accustomed to instant access and seamless experiences and casino apps are able to deliver on this.

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Wider selection of games

Another reason for playing casino games on apps is the great range of game choice available to users. Apps will have hundreds of game titles with every variant of games like poker, blackjack and roulette you could possibly want to play.

Online slots are now one of the top choices and these apps will have a huge library of different slot themes and game types to choose from. Players are encouraged to try different games rather than sticking to one favorite choice.

At a land based casino venue, the casino is limited by floor space. However the number of games on casino apps is not constricted by physical space and appears virtually unlimited. Some online casino operators offer a selection of games on their website but encourage users to download the app for the full experience.

Extra features

Playing games is just one part of the experience with casino apps. You can also find information about daily tournaments, loyalty schemes and upcoming releases within the app. Many also have chat rooms and features to replicate the social experience of in-person gaming. 

Welcome offers and bonuses

Many casino welcome offers and player incentive bonuses are only available through the casino’s mobile app, meaning you could be missing out by playing in-browser. Due to fixed costs, most land based casinos cannot compete with the offers that mobile casinos provide.

Does mobile casino gaming mean the end of traditional gambling?

No, we won’t see traditional in-person casino gambling vanishing anytime soon. However we can expect more casual gamers to enjoy casino apps in the years ahead. While visiting a casino is a great social experience and fun evening out, mobile apps continue to offer the convenience and game variety that regular gamers enjoy.