How to control your mobile with your face on Android

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Controlling your mobile with your face is not a thing of the future. Virtually any Android device allows you to do it thanks to the accessibility features. Although it is a feature designed for those users whose movements are limited by different circumstances, anyone can use it. In this article we explain how to activate face control on your phone and how to use it.

To use your terminal using gestures it is necessary to install the Android accessibility suite. In English it is called the Android Accessibility Suite. It is important that you download the APK that corresponds to version 12 or higher. At Malavida we offer you to download this toolkit for free. In addition, using the link you see on this page we provide you with the latest available update.

Set up face control on Android

Having installed the version 12 of the Android accessibility suite, it’s time to set up gesture control. Go to the phone settings and tap on Accessibility.

Accessibility optionsAccessibility options

Then, click on Switch Access to continue.

Configuration accessConfiguration access

Activate the service using the slider.

Activate Switch AccessActivate Switch Access

Grant to Switch Access permission to access necessary resources.

Allow use of functionAllow use of function

Choose Camera Switch in the list of options and click on Next to jump to the next step.

Mobile facial controlMobile facial control

Download the additional files necessary for this service to work properly.

Download additional dataDownload additional data

Choose the option Two switches.

One or more controlsOne or more controls

At this time you must configure the gestures for each action. Start by choosing the move corresponding to the Next action. In our case, we have used the one that seemed most logical, that is, move the eyes to the right. But in your case, choose the one that best suits your needs.

Face gesture for nextFace gesture for next

Next, configure the gesture for the Select action.

Facial gesture to selectFacial gesture to select

Finally, choose the gesture for the Pause action.

Gesture to pauseGesture to pause

When you’re done, gesture recognition will be activated. The blue icon that appears in the status bar indicates that the service is working.

Camera Switch in useCamera Switch in use

How can you use this function? To start recognition, make the Select gesture. A selector will appear on the screen. Use the Next gesture to jump between the options on the screen. When you want to click on an element, use the expression you set to select.

Select an app with the faceSelect an app with the face

On the other hand, if you perform the Select gesture for a longer period of time, a menu with system options will appear on the screen.

Additional options menuAdditional options menu

Use the combined system of the Next and Select gestures to choose the options that interest you. When you want to disable face control, take the first two steps mentioned in this guide and disable the service.