Zombie Warfare, apocalyptic strategy game

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After Dead Ahead, the title complicates its mechanics to remain attractive to the community, since one of the essential characteristics of its predecessor was the simplicity in the gameplay. We are going to expose all the details of this post-apocalyptic game. How about?

Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare
Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare

Ride your bus like Black Ops II

Making an original game is not always easy. Above all, if we want to modify a formula that is already successful as are zombies. That’s why I already liked it so much Dead ahead, that unique zombie game that Mobirate has now reformulated to renew the saga. Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare It is the name of the new variant of the first game that many have already tried. A mix of strategy, waves and classic gameplay freemium They return to the fore to show us that you can be original in the zombie genre. Therefore, it is not a continuation, but a radical change in mechanics and genre with respect to the predecessor.

dead ahead zombie warfare graphics

First of all, we warn you that this game, being zombies, is a bit bloody. It’s not overly dramatic, but keep that in mind before playing. And yes, you have read it correctly. Your role in Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare is protect a bus. But for a good cause, obviously.

Following the events of the first Dead Ahead, you now embody to a gang of men advancing through the world. In the middle of the road they find an obstacle that prevents them from moving forward, and of course the place is full of zombies. Your companions will have to go out to clear the way to blows. But of course, this implies that you will have to kill numerous zombies.

The main objective, apart from that, is that don’t destroy your bus, that you will be able to improve with the passing of the levels. For this you will have a series of ways to annihilate the zombies and destroy the barricade, as well as a team of fighters that you will have to unlock. We have from the classic shotgun shooter to a stout lumberjack, through a worker or a man with any shovel. A whole classic.

dead ahead zombie warfare levels

Characters cost courage, which translates to the little blue things from the field. You can also use different objects with the fury that you are winning by defeating zombies. But of course, the characters take time to recharge and also courage, apart from the dead fighters turning into mutants and new threats to the bus. Also, one thing we have loved is that there are moods, in addition to certain fighters who appear with enhanced characteristics, indicated with a halo.

Your colleagues may be scared, angry, or motivated. This results in greater efficiency killing zombies and such, or just the opposite. You can also get these improvements from the game menus. And if you saw the post about the first Dead Ahead, you might have guessed it: this game also maintains the character “Freemium”.

The micropayment system is continuous in Dead Ahead

In the first Dead Ahead we already complained about exaggerated character freemium that he owned. Lots of advertising, in-app payments, and a level of advancement without these quite time consuming and tedious. In fact, this game does one thing that I didn’t particularly like at all. When you finish a level, it gives you half of what you deserve, giving you the remaining half (plus a plus) if you see advertising.

This is in addition to getting resources to level up both your bus and your people It is very expensive, so you will see yourself on more than one occasion with your members too low for the levels. In addition, we have levels ordered by difficulty, being the “Nightmare” the hardest. And believe me, they are practically impossible if we spend absolutely nothing on the game.

dead ahead zombie warfare menu

What we did like was variety and aesthetics. We keep that “bits” style that we liked so much in the first Dead Ahead, adding new zombies and new scenarios. There are many “stages” available with which to advance, so the game is not at all short. All this is complemented by a complete Spanish translation and a style of play that has been turned around from the first Dead Ahead.