Youtube’s TikTok clone expands

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YouTube featured

One of the functions that YouTube will introduce this year in Spain are Cortos, its own TikTok. A couple of weeks ago this function began its deployment in the application on Android and its expansion continues. More and more users are already with this section of Shorts in their application on Android.

On the cover of YouTube, many users are already with a new section called Beta Shorts. There is a video carousel in this section, which gives us access to a selection of these short videos, which could be of interest to us, but they are not always from accounts that we follow.

YouTube expands shorts among users

YouTube Shorts

Cortos is YouTube’s own TikTok, that more and more users of the application on Android can enjoy. The concept is in fact identical to TikTok, with short vertical videos (up to 60 seconds), with vertical navigation for those related videos. The application creates a new section on the home page so that we have access to these shorts from it.

There is a video carousel, with a total of 15 videos in it. When you click on one of them, the video is reproduced in full screen vertically. At the bottom we have the usual controls, as well as buttons to comment or like. Swiping up will start to play another video within this section. The ability to create videos is still limited for some users, although it will expand in the coming weeks.

Google Discover shows shorts

YouTube shorts Google Discover

YouTube will not be the only way to access these Shorts, because it also this possibility is tested from Google Discover, as they have discovered from 9to5Google. From this feed a series of letters are shown, where we have contents of the video application and it is mentioned that they are these Shorts. Tapping on one of them opens YouTube on the phone screen and that video is shown in full screen, the same screen as if it was opened from the videos app.

This carousel shows a total of 10 videos in total and users are allowed to hide it, in case this video carousel is not of interest to them. The contents of these videos are different, so you will come across some videos that may not be of interest to you. For now, this option is only being shown to users in India, waiting for Google to expand this function in the rest of the world.

Youtube's TikTok clone expands 1

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