YouTube on Android test the playback by chapters some videos

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A new test in the platform videos YouTube allows access to specific parts of the reproduction due to to be divided in chapters. This option is available in the Android app and for some users: the requirement is that the creator has divided your video into sections.

Play a short video isn’t difficult as it is enough to give the ‘play’ and watch it without interruptions. However, the contents of a large extension has an added difficulty: to find a particular point in the playback. How to make more simple this option? Some creators offer a division for chapters in the description of each video. And now YouTube has decided to go a step further: Google has introduced these chapters in the playback bar of the video.

Playback bar sectioned by chapters

Youtube Android Chapters If the creator divided the video into chapters YouTube transected also the content

The chapters in the videos is a feature that some creators tend to include in the description of your videos of long duration. This way viewers can access specific points in these videos so as to to view a specific topic or hear a song on the album. These links in the description lead attached to its corresponding minute of the video. And YouTube has decided to leverage this effort with the division of the videos, but also by chapters.

In Android Police discovered the new segmentation by chapters on the webalso on the Android app. We ourselves have been able to check, as with this video: the play bar is divided into chapters in line with what is marked in the description. Clicking on each segment of the bar, the playback jumps to its beginning to play the particular song. And the app provides a pulse of vibration as a response to the touch.

Youtube Android Chapters

This division of chapters is not available for all the creators as they Google is experimenting with it. According to what we have seen, it is essential that the video has marked the different sections in the description: YouTube divides the bar according to the minutes marked. And you don’t need a specific version of the app on YouTube: we have used the latest stable version and it appears the novelty, also in the web browser.

Via | Android Police

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YouTube on Android test the playback by chapters some videos

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