YouTube now allows you to play 4K videos on any Android mobile

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YouTube now allows you to play 4K videos on any Android mobile 1

YouTube is the video application par excellence in Spain, which will introduce many new features this year. In the application on Android we have the possibility to watch videos in 4K, on those devices that have a 4K screen and as long as your Internet connection is stable. Although Google now expands this possibility to more devices.

Now, the YouTube application on Android allows the playback of videos in 4K even on unsupported devices for 4K. This would make any user with an Android mobile able to reproduce this type of content in the application.

YouTube allows everyone to watch 4K videos

YouTube 4K videos on Android

There are some users who already see how in the YouTube application for Android, in the video resolution options, the possibility of watching videos in 2160p60 is already included. Even if you don’t have a smartphone with support for 4K content, this possibility is already shown in the application. Some speculate that this change could be a mistake on Google’s part, but it appears not to be and there would be reasons for it.

By allowing unsupported resolution options on those mobiles with lower resolution screens, the videos they will have greater loyalty than when reproduced with a supported resolution. Video playback on a mobile phone with a 1080p screen has been tested and it seems that videos look better when played in 2160p60.

The improvement in the quality of videos on YouTube is due to the fact that higher resolution videos has a higher bit rate. Also, playing higher resolution video on a low resolution screen increases sharpness due to downscaling, which helps make that video look better.

These new resolution options seem to be there available to a large number of users of the application on Android, in addition to being in different versions of the app. Everything indicates that it is in full deployment and that soon all users will be able to see those videos in full resolution.

YouTube now allows you to play 4K videos on any Android mobile 2

The YouTube entry now allows you to play 4K videos on any Android mobile, it appears first in The Free Android.