YouTube Music makes listening to your favorite songs easier with its new feature

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YouTube Music is an application that has gained many followers in Spain so far this year. It has been kept up to date with a multitude of new features, such as collaborative playlists. The application now introduces a new function, called Quick Picks (Quick Picks in English), which will allow us to listen to a radio based on songs that we like.

This new feature has already been introduced in YouTube Music on Android. It is presented as a quick way to listen to a radio that is based on those songs that we like. Thanks to it, we save an intermediate step, by not having to use the contextual menu of the app.

This is how Quick Picks work in YouTube Music

YouTube Music Quick Picks

Quick Picks are presented as a new way to listen to music on YouTube Music. Since if you don’t really care about the music you want to listen to at that moment, but you want to have songs that you like, this section will give you quick access to them. This way you will be able to create in a really simple way a radio based on those songs that you like the most in the application.

This new feature is entered on the home screen in the app. When it has been opened on the phone, you just have to go down a bit until you reach the Quick Picks section. There you find a series of songs, in blocks of four, but you can slide sideways to see more songs. If there is one you want to play, click on it to start playing.

In this way, a radio of songs that you like is createdSince after that song, you will see that there is a list of songs that will be played next on YouTube Music. They are topics that were already shown in Quick Picks and that are usually related to the first song, or they are topics that you like. So it is a way to have music that you like without having to search for those songs in the app.

YouTube Music quick picks lists

This function is found now available in the Android app from today. If you have the app on your mobile, you can use it now, and thus have a radio of your favorite songs.

YouTube Music makes listening to your favorite songs easier with its new feature 1


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