YouTube Music is still improving its layout: this is the new section “Explore”

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YouTube Music

A few weeks ago, the YouTube app for Android was updated to introduce a tab to explore. Thanks to this tab you have access to a number of categories, to be able to then explore the content in the application. This tab is not limited only to this application, because also YouTube Music is starting to get a tab of explore.

The launch of the same has begun already, although not all users still have access to the same. This tab of explore on YouTube Music will provide access to music according to their genresand , without a doubt will provide you with a better experience of use to the time to search and discover music.

Tab explore

YouTube Music is still improving its layout: this is the new section "Explore" 1

This new tab of explore will be an aid to users find new music and new artists. When we entered it, there are two main sections at the top. One of them is a New or recent releases, and the other is the “moods and genres”. In this sense it seems that YouTube Music has taken note of what they do on Spotify, with this new tab.

In the first we find ourselves with new products that have arrived, but that fit or are similar to what we have heard previously. Will be based on our preferences. The second of these tabs leads to a series of playlists of music depending on the mood or what we are doing in that moment in particular. There is also a section of new albums and singles, in addition to a number of genres from which to choose to discover songs of the same.

A novelty of interest in YouTube Music, which comes shortly after the application started to display the lyrics of the songs for all users. This new tab of explore in the application you are deployingbut as we have mentioned before, has not yet reached all users of the application, so that you may have to wait even a few days until I can tell already with the same. The application can be downloaded in the Play Store:

YouTube Music is still improving its layout: this is the new section "Explore" 2

The entry YouTube Music continues to improve its design: this is the new section “Explore” appears first in Android Free.