YouTube for Android will let you play a video in a loop

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YouTube is the video application par excellence in Spain, which in recent weeks has left us with many new features, such as its own TikTok or supervised accounts. It is usual that there is a video that you liked a lot in the application and that you want to see again and again. Unfortunately, loop playback of individual videos is not possible in the app.

The good news is that this seems to be changing soon on YouTube for Android. The application works on allowing users play an individual video in a loop. Thanks to this they will not have to add them to playlists in order to play them in a loop.

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The function is not available yet, but several have been seen text strings within YouTube version 16.09.34 for Android. They talk about playing a video in a loop, which makes it clear that Google is working on incorporating this possibility in the popular application. In addition, using this function, you can deactivate this loop playback with a message that appears every few seconds on the screen.

Instead of being a button, the app would enter this possibility in the form of a menu. That is, we will surely have to go to the context menu when playing a video to activate that loop playback from there. This will make it possible to play an individual video in a loop.

Until now, the YouTube application for Android did not have this possibility. Looping videos could only be played in playlists, forcing users to put videos in a playlist then to be able to see that video that they liked again. This new function would put an end to this process, as it is now possible to view any individual video in a loop.

We do not have data on when it will arrive in the application at the moment. The fact that these lines have been seen already indicates that it should not take too long, but Google has not announced anything yet.

YouTube for Android will let you play a video in a loop 1

The YouTube entry for Android will let you play a looping video that appears first in The Free Android.