Youtube for Android starts to use chapters in the videos

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The mobile applications are not updated always so full after an intense work on the part of the developers, as could be the change of compression in the videos announced in the last few weeks. In many cases what happens is that you make tests to verify if a feature is useful or not and if it will be used.

This is what is currently happening with two experiments in Youtube for Android.

Testing the chapters in the app

Youtube for Android starts to use chapters in the videos

The developers are testing the chapters of the video, something that was announced last year, in mobile devices. The idea is that users can jump directly to a specific section of the video, re-watch a specific part, etc

The chapters are listed at the bottom of the video player and use the time stamps that the creator of the video can put in the description of the same.

At the moment this function is only available in a few videos until the company can confirm if they make it massive. Does not depend on the APK of the application, but an activation by Google on their servers, so it does not seem that we can do nothing by force if we do not appear in any of our accounts.

The comments on Youtube for Android regain prominence

Youtube for Android starts to use chapters in the videos 1

The other experiment is to move the comments in the application. According to Google in the page experiments Youtube, want to “make it easier for the people who look at videos to find comments in the YouTube app without having to navigate through the videos.” The new section will show up 3 commentswith an option to see all the comments while still watching the video.

Hopefully both of these functions arrive to the stable version of Youtube and do it in bulk since they seem to be simply useful.

Input Youtube to Android begins to use chapters in the videos appears first in Android Free.