YouTube experiments with the division of the videos in 'chapters,'

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YouTube experiments with the division of the video into 'chapters'

Sure you’ve ever seen a YouTube video that, by its long duration, included in your description links to specific times showing any content in particular; for example, in some entire music album, to facilitate the access to specific tracks.

Well: this ‘hack’ created by the YouTube user community may be supplemented in brief a new role that those responsible for the video portal have started to test recently to facilitate navigation in long videos.

Capis Bookmarks created by the user, from which YouTube created after their separation by chapters.

“We are collecting reactions from the users,” says Google

This feature, discovered by the website Android Police, appeals precisely to the information entered by the creators of the videos in the description of the same to automatically convert them to markers that lead us to ‘chapters’ distinguished from the video (chapters that, even adopting the name that accompanies the corresponding linkas you can see in the picture that heads the article).

As you can see, the play bar is divided into chapters in line with the separation of content indicated by the user who uploaded the video. This separation appears both on the desktop version of YouTube as well as in their mobile apps (including stable versions of the same).

The video we have extracted the trap is hung up before it began to test the new function of chapters, this is a sign that YouTube is applying this change retroactively.

At the moment, Google only has said that this test is limited for now to “a small selection of videosboth in desktop as well as on Android and iOS, while we collect feedback”, without revealing whether his future plans passed to extend this function to all the videos of the platform or whether it will restrict only to certain content creators.

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YouTube experiments with the division of the video into ‘chapters’

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Marcos Merino


YouTube experiments with the division of the videos in 'chapters,' 1