YouTube debuts a mode for screens folding for the Galaxy Z Flip

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In February, it presented the Galaxy Z Flip, the second flip phone from Samsung, which presented on this occasion a compact design. This model has been designed so that the content you see and use in verticaland can use your screen as two separate panels, to take advantage of the applications. An application that already takes advantage of this design is YouTube, thanks to its new mode.

YouTube has been updated with the so-called Flex Mode. This is a function that will allow viewing of videos with split screen in this Galaxy Z Flip Samsung. This will allow you to get the most out of the design of the phone, in addition to changing the way you consume content on the same.

Watch YouTube videos on the Galaxy Z Flip is even better in its latest update

YouTube debuts a mode for screens folding for the Galaxy Z Flip 1

The Flex Mode for YouTube allows you to split the contentso that we can see at the top of the panel and to be able to have the phone resting on any surface. In the picture you can see how to display the videos in the samsung Galaxy Z Flip making use of this mode. When you fold the phone, you will see the video at the top and at the bottom we will have the information of the video, comments or related videos.

In this mode each part of the panel will work independently. This means that if we want to pause or advance the video, touch the top of the screen, where it shows that video. If we want to perform other actions, such as commenting or giving me love, what do we do at the bottom of the screen of the phone. This division allows you to take full advantage of the design of the phone.

YouTube debuts a mode for screens folding for the Galaxy Z Flip 2

In addition, no matter the format of that video (whether vertical, horizontal or 16:9). YouTube will adjust automatically all formats to be played optimally on this Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. The videos occupy the whole of the top panel, for a good experience at the time of viewing.

This new feature has been made possible thanks to the integration of part of code of the Galaxy Z Flip in the support libraries for Android. In this way, YouTube is optimized to the maximum for this phone. The update has been already releasedfor users with this phone of Samsung are going to update now and enjoy the playback of videos in this way. The update is only available for this phone.

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This update born from the collaboration between Samsung and Google, as have been announced. This feature is something exclusive to this phone, which we can already buy in Spain. It is not ruled out that as they arrive more flip phones on the market, YouTube is going to adapt to them also, so that you can take advantage of the design of the phone when watching videos.

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