Your operator will not be able to ride prices during the state of alarm

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A couple of weeks ago that the Spanish government took several measures that affected the operators, such as the freezing of the portabilidades of mobile and fixed temporarily. In the new BOE, has made it official today, announced a series of new measures that affect operators in Spain. One of the most important is that rates are frozen.

A decree prevents the operators are going to raise prices of the fees during the current situation in the country. This BOE mentioned that the government forces in this way to go to keep the prices current on a temporary basis. There may not be any change in the same.

Rates unchanged

Your operator will not be able to ride prices during the state of alarm 1

The operators have the obligation to maintain the current prices of the ratesincluding those discounts linked to commitments of permanence or other promotions to those users they have subscribed to. In this way, they are going to continue to enjoy the same price they have been paying up to now, without having to worry about this aspect.

On the other hand, it has also announced a change in the topic of the portability. As it rises up that veto, imposed two weeks ago, which prevented users to change their operator. Now, all that you want is going to be able to switch carriers and sign a new contract, although the whole process will have to be made at a distance. A measure that will only affect those with a mobile phone contract, as for other services that requires a physical presence, as in the case of fiber optics, where an installer comes to your home. This type of portability is still locked.

It is a series of measures that Facua was asking from a few days ago. This will allow users to don’t pay more for your ratesespecially those who perhaps were subscribed to any promotion, and they feared that was soon to raise the price of your bill. In addition, there is also good news for those who want to change operator or fare, will be able to do it from your home.

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