Your mobile is a machine for counting things with this application

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Counting is easy but if you have to count a lot of things every day, it becomes tedious. Of course, there is an app for it and it has a name that leaves no room for imagination: Count things from photos or CountThings from photos, in English.

Although it may seem like one of those trivial applications that abound on Google Play, it really focuses on the professional sector, as a tool to wholesale a large number of items. However, you can try it for free for count some objects you have around the house, even if it’s for fun.

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One, two, three, fourteen

CountThings is a business application and therefore technically not free, although it allows you to try it a bit without paying, doing some home-based object counts. The idea is that companies use it to count concrete objects like beams, wood or anything else that can be counted.

The accounts are based on templates for a specific object and that determine the object recognition to be carried out. The application has a number of ready-to-use templates, most of them focused on industry and construction, such as rods, bars, tiles, tubes and logs. The idea is that if a company needs to have something specific, it can ask for a personalized template, paying, of course.


In more mundane terrain, as an ordinary user you can use CountThings to count everyday things with your 7-day “complimentary trial”. Basically it is something like a trial version whereby you can access some templates to check that the application works correctly.

These demo templates include the X on a paper, keys on a keyboard, coins, lines on a notebook, COVID-19 vaccine vials and a manual counter. After choosing a template, you take a photo, press Tell and you wait for the application to do the count.


After doing the count, the application shows the total and superimpose a number on top of each item on the photo. It is possible to save this account as an image that is saved on the mobile and you can export to other applications

As we mentioned, it is an application mainly for companies and therefore it is not cheap: each template costs from 20 to 105 euros, with monthly subscriptions of 100 euros or annually of 1,000 euros. It’s a good amount of money, although for those who have to count thousands and thousands of things every day, it can pay off.

CountThings from Photos

CountThings from Photos

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Your mobile is a machine for counting things with this application

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Your mobile is a machine for counting things with this application 1

Your mobile is a machine for counting things with this application 2