Your Android mobile can identify an Apple AirTag in Lost Mode

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Search for AirTag

Yesterday Apple introduced its new tracker device that it has called Airtag. A beacon that works with a UWB chip and that can be easily found by the user with their iPhone, and even with an Android mobile.

A detail that in the presentation to Apple forgot to mention and that allows any user with an Android mobile to identify an AirTag when it is in Lost Mode.

Find someone else’s AirTag with your Android mobile

An Apple tracking device that attracted attention and that in Android we have serious alternatives here in Spain for all tastes like Samsung’s own, although at a higher price. Samsung’s, at least the second SmartTag + model works with ultra-wideband like the AirTag.

But let’s go into details about how AirTag works so that an Android mobile is able to recover or find its location when it is in Lost Mode. Of course this beacon is 100% integrated into the Apple ecosystem, and requires an iOS device to work.


Both the configuration process and the tracking process are done through the Search app, which makes this accessory ideal for devices such as the iPhone itself. Even if Apple has not wanted to rule out the possibility that a user with an Android mobile helps a friend or family member to find their Airtag.

This information is present in a new support article published today on the official Apple website. Where it explains that AirTags can be read by another iPhone with NFC activated or even Android devices when it is in Lost Mode.

And even that user with an Android mobile can extract more details of the owner of the AirTag. AirTag would generate a custom URL with a message that can be added to the tracking device with Apple’s Find app.

So anyone with an Android mobile could contact the owner to let you know that you have found your AirTag.

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