YouPorn all issues of 2012

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Milan is the most visited city in the world. This is only one data among those disclosed by YouPorn in 2012

There is a lot of talk about the web giants, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Yahoo, but then take a look at the amount of porn online to understand that the real phenomenon, the real business of the net, is always porn. Without taking the general figures of the hundreds of sites of this type, just look at the figures disclosed today from the most famous hard portal: YouPorn

The indicative figures for 2012 speak of 4.850 million unique visits with an average, for each visit of 10 minutes and 22 seconds, in which the user visits up to eight pages. If we make a distinction between countries, it turns out that Italians are excellent users of erotic services. In first place are the rattles of the United States with more than one billion visits per year, followed by Germany (575,514,420) and France (400,127,101). With Italy (391,475,719) in fourth place in the world ranking.

Right at the foot of the podium but with Milan as the first city visited, closely followed by Rome and Paris. And if we talk about research, YouPorn has released the list with the most wanted celebrities. And Sara Tommasi couldn’t be absent from the top six, while Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson never go out of style. Among the most popular also Hulk Hogan, after the publication of a hard video on the network.