You can send apps between phones with the Google Nearby update

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Although Apple has been boasting about Airdrop for many years, it was not until recently that Google decided to create a rival to match. This is how Nearby was born, a tool that we talked about a few weeks ago and that is already available in Spain and the rest of the markets.

Now this function seems to evolve as Google has advanced. An update will arrive in a few weeks that will expand the number of items to share.

We can share apps from the mobile with Nearby

Android has always been a very easily customizable operating system, and since its inception it would allow us to share elements via bluetooth, from photos to videos to application APKs.

This way of sharing apps is not exactly comfortable and Google wants to solve it through a new Nearby feature.

You can send apps between phones with the Google Nearby update 1

After the update that will arrive in the next few weeks to the whole world, we will be able to share an app that we have installed from our mobile to another device using Nearby.

Obviously, the application has to come from the Google Play Store, and it remains to be seen how that download works, once it is accepted by the person to whom we sent it. We do not know if the application is passed directly or a link to download it from the app store.

The first would be weird since it would allow you to send payment apps without going through the box. The second would be somewhat useless since we can always search for the app from the other phone and the idea is not to need internet access.

In a few weeks we will test it and tell you how it works.

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