You can now install Apple TV on Android TV: how to do it

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Although the majority of Apple products in Spain are usually closed to iPhone users, in the field of services the company is a bit more open, being able to enjoy services such as Apple Music on Android. Apple TV is another of the services that are beginning to expand, and it can already be installed on Android TV.

The application officially arrived yesterday on Chromecast with Google TV, the only device on which it is officially available. However, since Google TV is a layer over Android TV, it is possible to install the application on other smart TV systems.

Download and install Apple TV on your Android TV

We tell you how you can do it, although we warn you that since it does not have official support in the rest of the models with Android TV,compatibility is not assured and it may fail partially or completely. Ideally, you should test on your device directly.

To download Apple TV, it will be necessary to download the APK file from our PC or Android mobile. From there, we will send the file to the Android TV to install it and open the application. Keep in mind that Apple TV has movies and series that we can buy or rent, as well as the Apple TV + service that in exchange for a monthly fee allows you to enjoy your own productions.

With that said, let’s start by downloading the file from APKMirror.

Apple TV for Android TV on APKMirror.

The installation process

You can now install Apple TV on Android TV: how to do it 1

  • The first,we need to send the APK files. The most direct way to have it on your device is by using applications like Send Files to TV. In this article we explain in depth how it is done in a simple way.
    • If your Android TV has a USB port, you can run it through a pendrive instead of using this application.

You can now install Apple TV on Android TV: how to do it 2

  • One aspect to improve about Send Files to TV is that, although it can open images, it cannot do the same with APK applications. To install it we will have to use a file explorer. There are many applications, in our case we recommend:
    • FX Explorer.
    • Solid Explorer.
  • We install Apple TV.

If you want to know more about the APK installation process on Android, we recommend the following article, in which we talk about the process in greater depth.

You can now install Apple TV on Android TV: how to do it 3

After following the process, we would already have Apple TV on the home screen, so we would have to open the application, log in with our Apple account and check if it works correctly or not.

You can now install Apple TV on Android TV: how to do it 4

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