You can now download Nano Legends on your Android mobile

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This new title is here to stay, or so its director says, Seonghun Song: “This is just the beginning. We are always working on new content and we can’t wait to share with our players what we have in store for them. New characters, new modes, a guild system… and much more! ”He says. Be that as it may, we are going to explain to you what this game consists of.

What are we going to find in Nano Legends

Nano Legends is a MOBA in which you will lead an army of cards and soldiers. Your main objective will be to destroy the enemy towers, defending yours above all else. The story begins in the mystical antique shop of Aillai, a witch who has been collecting a lot of valuable antiques for a millennium. Through these, the protagonists of this game were born: the Nanos.

Your mission will be to recruit a team of powerful Nanos ruled by you. You will get the title of Jig, and your army will be led by a Champion. This is the most powerful of all and it will be of great help to you to take the victory. Soldiers or troops have movements Y skills specials that will help you dominate the battle. These require energy, which has to be recharged before being used again. This guarantees a gameplay with more possibilities and strategies for the most demanding players.

As for the game modes, we can do battles multiplayer or against one’s own machine. All games have a duration of 3 minutes, which will make you live exciting wars. A mode story, where you can collect new units and elements to apply them later. The mode against the machine is quite interesting to practice, and you can set different difficulties. You will know all the maps and the best places to fight in the Nano world.

As you progress through this title, you will unlock new soldiers and cards to create the perfect army. These, in addition to their abilities, can jump, swim and even fly to surprise opponents from any corner of the map. The Magic It is an element that takes a long time to master, but once you get it you can cast spells powerful to set your enemies on fire or easily crush them.

The game is available from June 1 in the store Google play. It is completely free, although it also has a version premium. If you decide on it, you will remove all the ads and get double the rewards every time you get the victory.