You can already have ClubHouse on Android, but you must know this before

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ClubHouse is one of the fashionable applications, a social network based exclusively on audio that today is only available on iPhones and is not officially available for Android at the moment.

However, those who really want to test the application can already do it through an applicationnot official. How is it possible? Is it safe to use? What drawbacks can it have?

HouseClub, the unofficial ClubHouse app for Android that you can install

When an application grows in popularity,a security risk arisesfor users, and even more so when said application is not present for Android. From one moment to the next, fake applications start to appear in the store, something that usually ends badly.

You can already have ClubHouse on Android, but you must know this before 1

However, there are times when a developer manages to create an unofficial application without any malice. For a few weeks there has been an unofficial version of the application, which if it has enough credibility to be worth trying.

What is ClubHouse and how to get an invitation to the social network.

The developer himself has the code uploaded to GitHub, so anyone with sufficient programming skills can download the code, analyze it, and even modify it to create their own version. Simply because of this, it already inspires us with a minimum of reliability.

If you finally choose to download the APK on your mobile, remember that all the work is not done yet. It is still necessary to get an invitation from another user to access the platform. In the same way, the developer has created the application more as a proof of concept than as an official alternative, making it clear at all times that although the application is functional, it contains errors and a design that could be improved. And since it assumes that ClubHouse will release an official application at some point, it also has no interest in investing more time in its development.

Download HouseClub from grishka’s GitHub.

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