You can already have Android TV on the Amazon Fire TV Stick, but is it worth it?

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You can already have Android TV on the Amazon Fire TV Stick, but is it worth it? 1

Amazon Fire TVs are one of the best options in Spain to turn your old television into a smart TV. For just over 20 euros they are small devices that connect via HDMI to our television, adding an operating system and support for applications.

Fire TVs use Fire OS, a system created by Amazon that is based on Android, with its own application store but being compatible with Android applications, which we can install easily with Easy Fire Tools. But what if you are looking for the full Android TV experience from Google? Is it possible to get it from the Fire TV?

Well yes, although it may not be so worth it.

The Amazon Fire Stick 4K can have Android TV with this ROM

One of the things we like the most about Android is its open nature, which allows us to achieve a personalized user experience. This feature allows manufacturers to adapt the system to their liking, but also gives us the freedom to achieve a more purist experience thanks to the ROMs.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K is one of the last to receive a clean version of Android TV thanks to the ROMs, and as we can know from XDA Developers there are already some ROMs that allow us to achieve this.

You can already have Android TV on the Amazon Fire TV Stick, but is it worth it? 2

Once installed, it seems that at the level of functionality it meets all the basic requirements, such as access to the Google Play Store, Google Play services, Widevine DRM, Kodi, the option to cast, Alexa, the control application Fire TV remote and much more. On the other hand, the Google Assistant and voice search do not work.

Worth? It is not something that is so clear

Keep in mind that in these unofficial processes, everything we dois at our own risk and expense, so it is possible that even if we follow the steps correctly it is possible that the device ends up stopping working. It is also true that the Fire TV Stick 4K is a very affordable device, so in case of having a problem the loss is more noticeable than in other types of devices.

Watch video

In the case of wanting a device with Android TV, there are increasingly more affordable solutions, being the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick the cheapest for FullHD televisions and the Chromecast with Google TV for those looking for the best Android experience on 4K televisions (although it is also valid for FullHD televisions).

If you still want to proceed, you can know the whole process in the following XDA Developers thread, always keeping in mind what you want.

  • Unlock the Amazon Fire Stick TV 4K bootloader.
  • ROM Fire TV Stick 4K installation guide.

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