Yoigo Smart Home: an alarm service for your home with integrated Alexa

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Yoigo has left us with many news recently, such as the launch of its 5G network in 15 cities in Spain. The Spanish operator continues to expand its catalog of services with the presentation of Yoigo Smart Home. It is the operator’s first adventure in the field of the Internet of Things, with a new system of connected devices with alarm service.

The idea of ​​Yoigo Smart Home is that you will be able to control your home no matter where you are. In addition, it is an alarm system that you can control with your voice thanks to the presence of Alexa, the Amazon assistant, integrated into it.

This is Yoigo Smart Home

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Yoigo is committed to a security service for your home that is supported by its own ecosystem of devices for the smart home. A series of devices are integrated into this service, which will be in charge of monitoring your home at all times. The four devices within this operator service are:

  • Speaker with Alexa: This speaker allows you to use the Amazon assistant, so that you control it by voice. You can use it to ask him to activate the alarm or deactivate it, in addition to requesting information about your account in the operator (to know the amount of a bill or how much mobile data you have left).
  • HD video camera: this camera allows you to see everything that happens in real time from your mobile.
  • Door opening sensor.
  • Motion sensor: This sensor activates the surveillance system and can detect movements from seven meters away.

Yoigo Smart Home Devices

This service will be in charge of emitting an alarm in case someone enters your house when you are not there. Further, you can receive notifications with notifications by TelegramVideos will even be sent by Telegram so that you can see what is happening at home at that time. It is also possible to chat with your house, to be able to see who enters or leaves the house.

Yoigo Smart Home is now available to users with carrier fiber. If you hire it in January, it has a special price of only 10 euros per month, with a stay of 12 months. If you hire it from February, the price is 15 euros per month, without permanence. The devices are offered on a transfer basis, that is, if you unsubscribe you will have to return them to the operator.

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