Yoigo Cybersecurity X10: a new service to protect your data online

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Yoigo Cybersecurity X10 featured

This same week Yoigo made its new alarm service, Smart Home, available to its customers in Spain. The well-known operator now presents us with a new service, where they continue to bet on safety. The name of this new service is Cybersecurity X10 and it is a digital identity protection service.

Cybersecurity X10 is now available to all Yoigo customers who have mobile contract or fiber optic and mobile. With this new service, the operator hopes to be able to protect your digital identity at all times. From today it is possible to proceed with your hiring on your website.

Yoigo protects your digital identity

Yoigo Cybersecurity X10

Yoigo Cybersecurity X10 is a service that will monitor the behavior of our data, in order to check if there have been any security problems. The operator can monitor up to 10 accounts (telephone numbers, DNI, bank cards, mail…) and will issue notices by SMS and email in case it is detected that the customer’s information has been compromised.

Further, they will advise the user what to do in each situation, in the event that your data has been compromised. The operator also gives away insurance from BIBE Corredores de Seguros and CASER, with a guarantee of damages due to identity theft, civil liability and defense and bonds, in the event that your data has been compromised. This offers maximum coverage.

When said insurance has been contracted, it will be possible to manage everything related to said accounts on the client page. This page also allows you to make changes to those accounts, such as adding payment methods, having access to security tips or viewing information about the insurance you have at that time.

Yoigo Cybersecurity X10 functions

Yoigo Ciberseguridad X10 is now available to the operator’s customers who have contracted mobile or fiber and mobile lines. He price of this new security service is 3 euros per month. The way to contract it is online, directly on the operator’s website.

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