Xiaomi will be more environmentally friendly and will keep the charger in its boxes

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Apple presented its iPhone 12 a couple of weeks ago, which will arrive in Spain shortly. Although in this presentation there was an aspect that attracted a lot of attention, which continues to generate controversy today: the company stopped including the charger and headphones in the phone box. The reason for this, according to Apple, is to be more ecological And the fear was that brands on Android will follow in their footsteps. At least Xiaomi will not be one of them.

The Chinese manufacturer seeks to be more ecological, although they will not remove the charger from the boxes. Rather, they will use more environmentally friendly materials in their phone cases, in order to reduce their impact on the environment. The first phone to use this box with less plastic is already launched in Europe.

Xiaomi will keep the charger in its boxes

As confirmed by Xiaomi itself, the boxes of its phones they will count less plastic waste, with a reduction of around 60% in their presence. With this initiative, the company hopes to have a positive impact on the environment, especially if we take into account that it is one of the best-selling brands. Unlike Apple, the phone charger is kept in its box.

The first phone to have this greener box is the Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite, which can be bought in Spain officially. It will be precisely the units of this phone in Europe that use this new box, which the brand itself has shared on its social networks, thus showing its commitment to reduce the use of plastic in them.

Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite new ecological box

This is an important step, taking into account the significant presence of Xiaomi in the market, in addition to reducing the impact on the environment, no need to remove the charger from the box of the phone, thus avoiding additional expense for the user.

For now, this revamped box with less plastic it will only be used on the Mi 10T Lite in Europe. The brand has not said anything about its use in other phones, although it would not be strange if they will continue to use this type of box, more ecological, with more models within their catalog in the near future.

The Xiaomi entrance will be more ecological and will keep the charger in its boxes appears first in The Free Android.