Xiaomi warns: their mobiles could be more expensive

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The global economy has brought us innumerable advantages as a society, although it has also placed us in a more complicated situation to face certain situations. For example, we have seen how the pandemic has hit almost the entire planet equally, making the distribution of elements and their manufacture more complicated.

This affects not only countries like Spain, but the whole world. In addition, the increased demand for processors for all types of products (consoles, cars, telephones, connected devices …) means that factories cannot keep up.

And capitalism has it clear: more demand, more manufacturing; less manufacturing, more price.

Xiaomi could raise the price of its mobiles

Xiaomi warns: their mobiles could be more expensive 1

Wang Xiang, President of Xiaomi

This is especially affecting the automotive industry, which cannot buy the necessary processors for its cars since the volumes it handles are not comparable to those of other industries, and that puts them at the end of the queue.

But even for high-volume companies like Xiaomi, there are supply problems, as its president, Wang Xiang, has recognized.

The brand has always been committed to keeping the company’s profits within the 5% margin on the sale of physical products, but if costs go up, so will the final price.

For now it has not been more than a possibility, but that a manager of this level makes a statement like this, we have to take it as a warning of what will happen in the future, at least if the factories are not able to better supply their customers. customers.

“To be honest, we will do our best to offer the best possible price to consumers. But, sometimes, it is possible that in some cases we have to pass on part of the increased costs to the consumer », has declared the executive.

Thus, if we see somewhat higher prices in the next launches of the brand, we can attribute them to this reality, at least according to the person in charge of the brand.

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