Xiaomi surpasses Apple and becomes the third manufacturer worldwide

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In Spain it is rare not to see a Xiaomi on the street, and the Chinese company is the best-selling company in our country. In addition to this achievement, it has long since established itself as the fourth largest manufacturer of smartphones worldwide. After having consolidated in this position for months, it seems that they have finally managed to ascend to the podium, finally reaching third place.

Given the situation between Huawei and Donald Trump, it would be expected that Xiaomi would have snatched this third position from Huawei, but it is not. Who has left the third place has been Apple with its iPhone, a situation that is even poetic if we have the obvious inspiration of the Chinese manufacturer with respect to those of Cupertino.

Xiaomi surpasses Apple for the first time in its history

The smartphone market during 2020 has been affected, but that has not prevented the large manufacturers from continuing to compete with great ambition in the market. The analysis firm IDC has carried out its usual study in which they analyze the numbers of smartphones distributed worldwide during the third quarter of 2020, which leave us interesting data.

Xiaomi surpasses Apple and becomes the third manufacturer worldwide 1

During the second quarter Huawei surpassed Samsung for the first time as the largest manufacturer in the world, although in the third quarter it seems that the South Korean manufacturer. In fact, since then Huawei’s decline has been very pronounced, close to dropping to third place.

On the other side we have Xiaomi, which after overtaking Apple has dramatically approached second place. With an increase of 46% compared to the previous year or 75% compared to the previous quarter, Xiaomi is ready to reach the top.

Xiaomi surpasses Apple and becomes the third manufacturer worldwide 2

On the other hand, this would be the top 10 according to Counterpoint Research:

  1. Samsung: 22% market share.
  2. Huawei: 14% market share.
  3. Xiaomi: 13% market share.
  4. Apple: 11% market share.
  5. Oppo: 8% market share.
  6. Live: 8% market share.
  7. realme: 4% market share.
  8. Lenovo: 3% market share.
  9. LG: 2% market share.
  10. Techno: 2% market share.

Xiaomi surpasses Apple and becomes the third manufacturer worldwide 3

Although Apple loses third place in distributed units, it does not leave it in profits if we consider that the Californian company only sells terminals in the premium sector, while the bulk of Xiaomi sales is usually more concentrated in economic terminals, which They stand out for their great performance in relation to price. On the other hand, Apple’s third quarter is usually the weakest of the year, because between September and October they usually present the new iPhones, which this year are 12.

We know that Xiaomi does not plan to put aside its economic models, but also that it aspires to also surpass Apple in terms of quality. Models like the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra are a sample of this, a mobile that, although it does not arrive in Spain, is a show of strength for future models that we will see in 2021.

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