Xiaomi strongly bets on folding: seven new patents

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Xiaomi strongly bets on folding: seven new patents 1

Xiaomi will be one of the brands that launches a folding mobile on the market in Spain in 2021. The manufacturer has been working on a folding model for a long time, with various patents, but so far none have been made official. The brand would bet heavily on these models, because in 2021 they could reach up to three phones for their part.

Xiaomi’s commitment to folding is something that is now reinforced with its new patents. A total of seven different patents, all of them folding models of the Chinese brand, have already been registered. Some patents where we see the variety of folding models in which they work.

Seven foldable Xiaomi phones

Xiaomi patent folding shell

Xiaomi leaves us with three Clamshell Type Flip Phones Patents in this case, models that we could compare with Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip. Two models feature a screen design without notch or perforation, with a small screen on the outside, which would be displayed when the phone is folded.

The other shell-type model is more reminiscent of the Motorola Razr, with a a kind of notch / frame at the top, where we would have a double camera. The rest of the screen would have thin bezels. The external screen would be larger in this case, although the phone is probably thicker than the other patent.

Xiaomi patent shell type

The rest of the models patented by the brand are closer to the format of the Galaxy Z Fold 2, with a large screen when fully unfolded, similar to that of a tablet. When folded, it has a narrow external screen, with a size that is probably similar to that of a normal screen (about 6 inches). In these models we find various screen formats and camera combinations.

Xiaomi folding patents

Seven new patents, which at least show that the brand works on folding devices, in a great variety of them. Unfortunately, at the moment it is impossible to know which of these patents will actually end up becoming phones that hit stores. Not the dates on which they could be released.

Xiaomi’s first folding should be official in 2021, if all goes well. An expected launch, so seeing that many patents are being worked on allows us to intuit that the brand will be one of the most prominent in the field of folding in the future.

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