Xiaomi outpaces Huawei for the first time in its history

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Xiaomi beats Huawei in crisis by the coronavirus

Huawei was not living in an age too glorious in recent times, mainly due to the veto of the united States to the company’s asian. And now, as if that were not enough, has been relegated to the third position in sales.

Its place was occupied by Xiaomi, which in this past month of February has maintained a level of sales acceptable if we analyze the current context, the month of February in the sales of mobile phones have fallen.

Xiaomi gets to be the third manufacturer in the world during the month of February

The month of 2020 has been hard for the mobile market, and sales globally have declined drastically over the previous month. On the one hand, February is not the month most conducive to get a new phone, but this year, the crisis of the coronavirus have been boosted by the fall in sales.

The result? Xiaomi has managed to overcome to Huawei for the first time in its history. It is important, though, to keep in mind that this victory has only been at the level of sales during the month of February.

Xiaomi takes advantage of the situation, as long as you can

But let us not deceive ourselves, the sector is in free-fall and this third position of Xiaomi can be a little fictitious. Because if we extend a little the spectrum, the data are somewhat discouraging.

Only Samsung keeps the guy with 18 million of units in February. Others have fallen in a greater or lesser extent, for example, Apple one month to another has lost 6 million units.

Thus has evolved the market from October 2019 until today

Source: Strategy Analytics

Xiaomi, despite ranking as third in the sector, has lost 4 million from January to February. Others who have also suffered the consequences of the current situation have been Oppo and Vivo. But let’s see how to have dropped in sales during the month of February:

  • Samsung:
    • Sales January: 20.1 million.
    • Sales February: 18.2 million.
    • Fall: 9,45%.
  • Apple:
    • Sales January: 16 million.
    • Sales February: 10.2 million.
    • Fall: 36,25%.
  • Xiaomi:
    • Sales January: 10 million.
    • Sales February: 6 million.
    • Fall: 40%.
  • Huawei:
    • Sales January: 12.2 million.
    • Sales February: 5.5 million.
    • Fall: 54,91%.
  • Oppo:
    • Sales January: 8.1 million.
    • Sales, February: 4 million.
    • Fall: 50,61%.
  • Live:
    • Sales January: 7.3 million.
    • Sales February: 3.6 million.
    • Fall: 50,68%.

Xiaomi has got the third position to better withstand the decline than their direct rivals.

Huawei begins to suffer the veto Trump

Few were counting on Huawei in the past year, the veto of the government of Trump did they lose any relationship with Google. Preventing that they could use on their phones the entire ecosystem of the big G.

Huawei begins to show signs of weakness

However, to the surprise of many, Huawei has remained strong during the year 2019. Proof of this is its position in the third tier of manufacturers. We are now in 2020, and the situation has begun to be quite different.

Let’s put in context that, even though Xiaomi has surpassed Huawei in this month of February, during 2019 Huawei sold 240 million mobile phones regarding 124,8 of Xiaomi. Practically the double.

During 2019, Huawei sold the double of mobile Xiaomi.

One of the pillars of Huawei in 2019 was that many of the smartphones that were well prepared, they already had the certificate of Google and included its entire ecosystem.

This allowed the veto to the company’s viera cushioned, until the arrival of the new wave of smartphones, now without the coat Google under its casing.

Huawei has dropped to less than half in a single month

Source: Strategy Analytics

And the figures in this new year are really tough, despite having started with 12 million of units, in February has come the great fall of the giant. Down to 5.5 million of units.

What is affecting the international context to the phone?

Everything points to that the Coronavirus is spreading its tentacles most sectors of the that we could think of to a “simple” virus. And the current situation has been a slowdown in investmentsboth of the large companies as well as small consumer.

The Coronavirus has spread its tentacles to other sectors

There will be that wait for the results of the next few months, then we can check if we are before a simple panic attack on the sector or we are faced with a trend that has come to stay.

Today only Samsung and Apple have managed to keep pace with solid salesalthough you never know how will be the behavior in these terms. The rest should take note and not rejoice too much, since everything that goes up goes down again and vice versa.

The entrance Xiaomi outpaces Huawei for the first time in its history appears first in Android Free.