Xiaomi Mi 10T, the new ‘beast’ of Xiaomi offers the maximum in benefits to tighter budgets

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New members of the family Xiaomi Mi 10 are already official, headed by the Xiaomi Mi 10T: the evolution of the successful Xiaomi Mi 9T maintains the emphasis on top performance while continuing to design the brand and its policy of maintaining an excellent balance between quality and price. There is no doubt: the Xiaomi Mi 10T will be a tough rival to beat, even within the brand’s own catalog.

Come on we haven’t had leaks of the new Xiaomi models, the 10T has been in today’s landscape for months. Even promoted by the brand itself, that Xiaomi has been anticipating some details of its new family. And, once the characteristics and design of the Xiaomi Mi 10T have been verified, it is clear that this phone is going to become the king of future recommendations: has almost everything. He can even face you with, his brother, the Xiaomi Mi 10.

Maximum power in an enviable construction

Xiaomi Mi 10t

Xiaomi maintains elegant and attractive design lines for all its mobiles, even for those it sells in the most accessible range. And the Xiaomi Mi 10T points just to the opposite segment, although without reaching the ‘premium’ levels of the Xiaomi Mi 10. In this sense, the new member of the catalog offers aluminum body, screen that occupies almost the entire front (which is only obstructed by the hole in the front camera) and a clean rear where the rectangular photographic module dominates. After the first glance, it is inevitable to remove your eyes.

The Xiaomi Mi 10T incorporates the Snapdragon 865 from Qualcomm, with all that this implies: the mobile offers extreme power, speed at all times (at least on paper) and the usual 5G, a 2020 standard in the high and mid-range. Further, the Xiaomi Mi 10T is accompanied by enough RAM and storage, both with high speeds; with different versions to choose from, as in the key Xiaomi families.

The screen of the Xiaomi Mi 10T loses the AMOLED technology of the Mi 10 to bet on a 6.67 inch IPS LCD panel It offers an adaptive refresh rate of 144 Hz. The resolution is FHD +, has HDR10 compatibility and has a maximum brightness of 650 nits, always according to the manufacturer. In addition, the Xiaomi Mi 10T has the upper left corner perforated for the front camera and lacks a fingerprint reader under the panel. Instead mount a capacitive side scanner, right on the right side of the phone (taking advantage of the power button).

Xiaomi Mi 10t

In photographic terms, the Xiaomi Mi 10T maintains the multiplicity of cameras by mounting a 64 megapixel main sensor with f / 1.89 aperture. The secondary is a 13 megapixel wide angle, aperture f / 2.4 and width of 123º. And in terms of ‘filling’, the Xiaomi Mi 10T includes a 5 megapixel macro camera (f / 2.4) and an ‘ambient sensor’. Xiaomi ensures that this fourth camera is responsible for adapting the colorimetry and white balance precisely according to the lighting conditions of the scene. On the other hand, the front camera amounts to 20 megapixels with aperture f / 2.2.

Xiaomi Mi 10t

The Xiaomi Mi 10T is not lame in terms of connectivity: in addition to 5G, the mobile offers WiFi 6, NFC and infrared. It has a double stereo speaker, has high-resolution audio and includes a 5,000 mAh battery with 33 W fast charge. Part with MIUI 12 and Android 10; with the future update to Android 11 assured.

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Xiaomi Mi 10T, the new ‘beast’ of Xiaomi offers the maximum in benefits to tighter budgets

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Xiaomi Mi 10T, the new 'beast' of Xiaomi offers the maximum in benefits to tighter budgets 1

Xiaomi Mi 10T, the new 'beast' of Xiaomi offers the maximum in benefits to tighter budgets 2