Xiaomi continues to reign: this was the top 5 mobile brands in Spain

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In Spain there are many manufacturers that sell mobile phones, although not all end up achieving the success they expect. The smartphone market is fierce and only those that are capable of offering the best technical capabilities in each of the price ranges are the ones that end up crowning.

It is usual that each quarter we learn data on how the market is doing through analysis companies. Today we can know how 2020 ended in Spain thanks to the data from Canalys, data that would once again crown Xiaomi as the leader in our country.

Top 5 manufacturers in Spain

After the end of the year, the Canalys firm has made a report on the situation of the mobile market globally, leaving us data on Spain. These reports refer to the total number of distributed unitsAlthough they do not translate into direct sales, there is a linear relationship when distributing stock based on the units sold.

Xiaomi is once again consolidated as the largest manufacturer in our country, in a tough fight with Samsung. These measurements are estimated and there is always a margin of error, so it is convenient to take them with tweezers. Even so, they are impressive figures and between both brands they exceed more than half

Xiaomi continues to reign: this was the top 5 mobile brands in Spain 1

  1. Xiaomi:27% market share.
  2. Samsung:26% market share.
  3. Manzana:18% market share.
  4. Huawei:10% market share.
  5. Oppo:7% market share.

If we move away from the top 3, the fourth and fifth positions are more volatile, and that is that Huawei has fallen by 47% in distributed units compared to the fourth quarter of 2019 although it continues to maintain the fourth position. On the other hand, Oppo has grown 197%, an amount that although it seems excessive, having been in the market for such a short time is more reasonable. It is a remarkable growth, but without exaggeration.

It also stands out that the top 5 accumulates a total of 88% of the units distributed, leaving 12% for the rest of the manufacturers in the market, a situation that despite being common is still striking as it is totally unbalanced.

The Xiaomi entry continues to reign: this was the top 5 mobile brands in Spain, it appears first in El Android Libre.