Xiaomi can solve problems on your mobile remotely

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Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra

Most Android users in Spain have had problems with their mobile on some occasion. In some cases we can solve these problems ourselves, but in other cases we have to resort to help, such as contacting the manufacturer of the phone. Xiaomi seeks to be able to help users remotely with its new feature.

Xiaomi seeks to integrate a remote assistance service within your Mi Talk app on MIUI. This function will allow users to obtain remote help in case they suffer some kind of problem with their smartphone and thus be able to solve that fault.

Xiaomi will have a remote assistance service

Xiaomi remote assistance

Xiaomi is currently testing this service in China, waiting to be officially launched on February 22 nationwide, testing will continue through February 21. The brand is expected to launch this remote assistance service outside of China as well, but there are no dates for this at the moment.

This service will be integrated into the Mi Talk app of the brand, which is integrated into MIUI. Thanks to this function, users will be able to request the remote connection of another user to their phone through a call. The other user will have remote access to the phone and will be able to operate with it, to find the problem and be able to solve it. We will be able to see live how this problem is solved.

Xiaomi was inspired by confinements experienced in China and in the rest of the world to introduce this function. In Spain they already introduced a home repair service during the first confinement and now they are going one step further. This service has been especially designed for the elderly or those with delicate health, who cannot always go to physical stores. Thanks to this service they will always have assistance.

In just over a week this service will be launched in China and we will have to wait to know when it will be made available in Spain.

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