Wrong date and time on your Google Photos photos?

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Table of Contents

change date and time of photos in google photos

Google Photos It is a very practical tool to store privately and share photos with other people, in fact, it has many interesting functions that have ended up catching its users. If for whatever reason, whether you have just uploaded new photos, you find that this information is incorrect or you want to change it in a specific image, you should know that this service includes the possibility of changing data such as the date and time of the images that are stored there. Therefore, we tell you how you can do it easily.

What is Google Photos

Google Photos is a service of cloud storage and sharing tool that until now offered unlimited images and video storage on the web, iOS and Android, although at present it has limited its storage capacity to 15 GB of memory, unless we switch to a paid account and let’s remove this limitation. This has led many users to consider another alternative, however, it is still one of the best tools for saving images in the cloud.

Has different services such as freeing up space, visual search, automatic file creation, intelligent automatic albums, advanced editing, shared libraries, sharing in seconds, rediscover to be able to see photos from other years and broadcast to see them on TV.

But one of its main attractions, in addition to the great possibilities it offers you, is that you can access them on any device and anywhere just by having your Google account synchronized. You will also have the possibility to edit certain aspects of your content, even data like the one we want to change right now.

See date and time in photos

If you want to see the date and time of your images in Google Photos and you don’t know how to do it, you should know that this is much easier than you might imagine. You just have to select the photo of your interest and choose the corresponding option. On the web, it will appear in the upper right in a circle with a i what is the option of information.

see time google photos

If you push him, you will find him along with others photo details, like your albums, location, and more. In addition, what is more interesting is that once you have done it in an image, when you change to another, this data will appear, unless you return to give information to remove it. Thus, it will be much easier for you to consult this information in different images.

At mobileIf you press the photo and give the 3 points that symbolize more settings (at the top next to favorites) this information will appear along with other information and the possibility of adding a description. Later, we will tell you how to view and edit it depending on the mobile device.

In addition, in the presentation of all the photos you will be able to see their date, just above each set of photos saved on the same day.

Change date and time in Google Photos

You may need to edit the date and time for many reasons, such as that they stay with old dates and want to order them, that you seek to order them in some way, that for some reason you are interested in having another one or that it is wrong. Therefore, it has the possibility of changing this data if you wish, so we are going to tell you how to do it from the web or mobile devices. Thus, your photos will appear ordered or you will have the data you want. Of course, even if you change these data in this service, it will not be done in the gallery of your phone or where you have the photographs.

In the web

To be able to change this data from your website, you will have to go to Google Photos. Once you have done this, select the photo you want to edit and continue with the following steps:

  • Hold the mouse over the photo
  • You will see several options in the upper right (share, edit, information, favorites, delete, more options)
  • In this case, we will go to information
  • A menu with information about the photo will open on the right
  • In details, click on the pencil right next to the date
  • There you can change the date and time box by box, as well as the time zone

change date and time on the web google photos

On Android

If your phone is Android, in order to change this information in the images, what you have to do is open google photos and follow these steps:

  • Touch the photo you want to edit
  • At the top right you will find 3 points of the settings
  • Press this option
  • You will find the image and several options
  • There will be one in which the date, time and a pencil appear next to it

edit date time android

  • Hit the pencil
  • A screen will appear with this information in the image
  • Press on her
  • A calendar will appear for you to choose the day you want or a pencil for you to write
  • Press on the time and change it to the one you want
  • A clock will appear for you to choose or a keyboard for you to type

google photos date and time

On iOS

If you have an iPhone and you want to change this data of your images in Google Photos, the first thing you have to do is, as in Android, keep the app updated. Open the app and after doing so touch the photo you want to edit.

  • Once it’s opened, swipe the screen
  • Just below you will see several options and capture details
  • At the bottom you will find an option to “change date and time”
  • Click on this option
  • Choose a new day on the calendar, edit the time
  • Give to save

Switch on multiple photos

A little known but interesting option is the possibility of changing this information in several photos at the same time. In this case, you will not be able to edit it in all of them by choosing each of the dates, but you will be able to choose between preserving the difference in periods between images or that they all have the same day.

What will happen is that you will choose one specific start date and time and the others will be changed taking into account the difference. For example, I want to change this data in two images. I did one yesterday at 9 in the morning and another one I did today at the same time. Performing this action, if I select them and put the January 1 at 10 in the morning, one will have this information and the other will appear one day apart. You can also choose that all keep the same information, which is the one that you indicate, if that is what interests you.

change time and date multiple photos

How to do it?

Select the photos you want to edit and follow the steps that we will comment on. At the end of the process you will find two options, so you have to choose the one that suits you best and follow the steps depending on what you have selected. It is very simple and the change will be immediate.

  • At the top right, you will see the 3 dot icon right next to the delete option
  • Press
  • It will appear edit
  • Choose to change dates and times (so that they preserve the relative difference) or indicate to set only one (so that they have the same data)
  • If you choose the first option, you will see the option to choose the start of the period, the time zone and you will see the new period

start period date and time google photos

  • You have to preview
  • There you will see how they look according to what you have changed
  • If you want the data to be changed, click on save, otherwise go back and make the changes you consider appropriate
  • If you choose the indicate a single date and time, you will have to choose the year, month, day, time and time zone and click to save. All the selected ones will have this information

google photos a date and time

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