Write who has blocked you on WhatsApp with this trick

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contact by whatsapp who has blocked you

WhatsApp is the messaging application par excellence. To such an extent that it can be the main channel of communication between many close people. This is why frictions also arise in the App that cause contact blocks and others. Nonetheless it is possible to continue sending you messages.

As one more communication tool, the misuse of WhatsApp can lead to truly uncomfortable situations, and we must know how to deal with them. In the case of contact locks it is important to know how to remove access and how it affects the use of the application. In the same way that if we have been isolated, perhaps due to a misunderstanding, and we have no other way of talking to the other person to clarify what happened, this WhatsApp “trick” may be the ideal for filing rough edges.

Risks of contacting someone without their consent

Before trying to contact, by any means, not only by WhatsApp, with someone who has eliminated the possibility of writing to us, we should be aware that we may be running some unnecessary risks. Depending on the origin, insisting on contacting that person may not be the right thing to do.

When we block a contact it is because we do not want to know anything about that person, we do not want to read anything they tell us for whatever reason. We have an «intermediate» tool designed to mute contacts so that when they write to us we will not receive any notification. The confusion can come because WhatsApp does not inform the user when any of these actions have been carried out. From the application itself they confirm this fact, wanting to maintain the ambiguity to protect the privacy of the users.

In case of insisting on contacting a user who has blocked us, it could be considered an act of bullying, especially when he tells us that he does not want to have any type of communication with us. The Penal Code states in its article 172 that “whoever harasses a person by persistently and repeatedly” and who “seriously alters the development of their daily life” can be punished when “establishing or trying to establish contact with them through any means of communication.”

WhatsApp could access your messages

There is a middle way when the person considers that we are harassing him that it is important that we take it into account: the report (complaint) of users. If, in addition, the account reports to us “reporting” to the messaging application itself, it could access the most recent messages that we have sent you.

In this way, the company will be able to know the reason for the report, you will know if we are insisting on contacting the user against their will, if we are sending Spam, etc. Thus, if WhatsApp considers that our infringement is continuous and insistent, it can delete our account in the App temporarily or permanently.

report contact on whatsapp

When you report an account from a device Android the application itself reminds you that the most recent messages will be forwarded to be analyzed, in the case of ios you will simply see a confirmation of sending the report. However, the brand does not make any distinction between operating systems in the section on information about reports.

How to talk to someone blocked

At the moment it is not officially known if it is an error pending to be corrected or it is a normal way of operation in the messaging application. The fact is that this “trick” to talk to people who have blocked us works perfectly. The process to follow to contact is this:

  • We need a third person willing to collaborate, it is an essential condition that this third user is not blocked by either of them, because we cannot add someone to a group who has obstructed our access.
  • The third party in question has to create a Group in which it includes the two of us.
  • Within this group, communication will be totally normal and you can address who has blocked you and this user will read your messages and can answer you if he wishes.

In the example shown, the contact Javier has blocked us, we choose Mariana to create the group, we write to Javier and we check that you have read the message in the Information section of our message.

write to who has blocked you on whatsappThe consequences of the outage continue to holdYou will not be able to contact privately, you will not see the profile photo, you will not see the publication of their status or the description of their profile, as well as the last time of contact, but you will be able to communicate normally. In fact, if that third person who created the group decides to leave it and we remain in the group with the contact alone, we can continue to do the group as if it were a private chat.

message to contact blocked without whatsapp group administrator

These types of actions are always recommended in the case of wanting resolve the conflict peacefully. Those who continue to provoke contact with the person who has expressed a desire not to speak any more only increase their chances of encountering serious problems.

How to know if you are blocked

Really there is no way to confirm that a person has blocked us and the application has designed it that way intentionally. This is common in messaging applications and social networks in general. In fact, Twitter is the only application of its kind that expressly informs you when you access the profile of a contact who has given us a slip.

user blocked on twitter

When you mute a friend on Facebook or a contact on Instagram, the affected profile or the friend who is no longer, they will not receive any notification. The same thing happens in Mark Zuckerberg’s messaging application, we are not going to know it expressly. Although the website of the App confirm that there are some clues that can lead us to think that someone has blocked us but that they are not decisive. Some of the clues that can make us think this are:

  • That we can’t see your profile picture.
  • That we do not access the last minute of contact.
  • That you can’t to call him through the app.
  • That all the messages that you had sent have remained with a single check (indicates that the message has been sent successfully but has not reached the recipient).

All these clues may be the result of the security and privacy settings contact, do not necessarily indicate that we have been blocked. In fact, the same can happen with the profile description. They are only indications, but it is likely that if several of them are met, it means that they have blocked us.

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