With these websites you can know how much it will take in a queue in your nearest supermarket

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When you start the ‘Operation Output’ of the summer holidays, it is a classic that the authorities ask the citizens to initiate their journeys by road “staggered”… as it is also a classic that people shop to get out all at the same time. The council of the authorities in the current situation of forcible detention by the coronavirus is that the outputs that we need to do for humad to supermarkets, shops, food sector and pharmacies is that they are also staggered to avoid crowds and thus reduce the risk of infection.

This task remains difficult, but fortunately we have more flexibility: typically the local that we need to visit are near our homes, most of us have a greater availability of time (by not being able to attend to the work) and, in addition, we have technology on our part to give us an estimate of the best time to go to the supermarket without the need of enduring long queues.

There are three tools that we can use to do this:



Tiendeo it is a platform that usually is dedicated to echo, offers and discounts from several chains of supermarkets, which offers the user in a personalized way via geolocation, and classified by departments.

However, its leaders have wanted to offer to the public, in addition, a function more useful in these times of coronavirus and quarantine: both in your web and in your mobile app, we can find from yesterday a new featured section, “Where is the tail?”, in which -using the ratings of their users and technologies such as geo-positioning and big data – are able to offer estimates on the influx of every supermarket, as well as on the time it takes to checkout.



Superlleno.com it is a project staff of 3 programmers Spanish that, according to themselves, “born March 23, with the goal of being useful to the society during a time of crisis, avoiding contact between all”.

Recommend your website to those users who hate to “wait and waste your time”, because to visit offers information on the supermarkets with a smaller influx of buyers, extracting the data of the Google Maps API.

“Taking into account that the capacity of the establishments have been reduced, I recommend that you look for those stores with a capacity less than 30%”.

Google Maps


For years we have been using Google Maps to see possible routes, to meet schedules and reviews of businesses, etc., But a function that the application of Google maps also includes, although many have not been repaired in it, is the ability to see the estimates of concurrency and waiting in the queue of the supermarket, both in the particular moment of the query as, if we scroll further down (under the title of ‘rush Hour’), with a projection throughout the day.

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With these websites you can know how much it will take in a queue in your nearest supermarket

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With these websites you can know how much it will take in a queue in your nearest supermarket 1