With Google Discover you can read paid news for free, but not in Spain

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Since the beginning of the Internet, we have seen how newspapers, both those of Spain and those of other countries, launched themselves into the free model based on advertising. But in recent times this is changing and there are more and more media that use a paywall.

This is a problem for Google, which has a huge source of users on services like Discover. That is why the company has launched Google News Showcase, a media financing fund that will allow paid news to be integrated into its services.

News designed for Discover and much more

These news will be created by the media with which the company collaborates, for which it will have a fund of 1000 million dollars. Novel formats that use video and audio in addition to text and photos will be created and will appear on various Google sites.

One of them is Discover, the news section that we have on the left desktop of most Android phones. But there it will appear in the future.

In principle, this section will be part of Google News, the search section of the web portal. It is already active on Android and will soon also be on iOS, on the iPhone and iPad.

We will not see it in Spain

With Google Discover you can read paid news for free, but not in Spain 1

At first, this service can be used in Brazil and Germany, although Google has confirmed agreements with almost 200 media in those two countries and in Argentina, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia. In the future they intend to expand to other markets such as India, Belgium or the Netherlands.

What is the problem for the Spanish? That we do not have Google News as such in our country. This service was closed in 2014 when legislation forced the company to pay newspapers for each link used from here.

So it seems unlikely that we will see Google investing in Google News in one of the few countries in the world where the service is not active.

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