Windows 11: news, price, availability and everything you need to know

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When Microsoft released Windows 10 in 2015, the Redmond-based company claimed that this it would be the latest version of WindowsIn other words, new versions of Windows would not be released in the future. However, they seem to have changed their minds, a change probably motivated by commercial interests.

On June 24, Microsoft has announced an event, an event in which it will present an important novelty related to Windows but, which is an open rumor: Windows 11, the next version of Windows that will hit the market to replace Windows 10.

What’s new in Windows 11

Redesigned icons

Windows 11 Icons

With the introduction of each new version of Windows, Microsoft redesigns most of the icons. With Windows 11, visually find folders for documents, images, videos, downloads and others will be easier, since the icons represent its content.

New startup sound

Although it may seem silly, designing a sound that repeats itself continuously over time and does not become hated by users is an arduous and complicated process. With Windows 11, the startup sound will return to Windows, a sound that Microsoft made disappear with Windows 10.

Centered taskbar

The new task bar, scrolls to the center of the bottom of the screen, With a design very similar to what we can find both in macOS and in many Linux distros.

Windows 11 search

The classic start button has been accompanying us on the left side of the taskbar from the first version of Windows. With Windows 8, Microsoft did an experiment that went wrong, forcing it to revert to classic design with Windows 8.1.

However, from Microsoft it seems that they have been with the idea of change access to home button, a change that will occur with Windows 11.

According to the different pictures that they have leaked, in Windows 11 the start button is displayed on the right side of the taskbar, the taskbar that is located in the center of it, instead of on the left.

East new start menu, it will show the applications that we have recently opened through the recommendation system along with the applications that we have pinned.

Control Panel is now Windows Tools

The control panel is another element that has been with us for a great number of years and that has practically not received no cosmetic change in more than 10 years.

With Windows 11, this panel is still present but cchanging the name to Windows Tools, where we will also find the applications that Windows 10 shows us in the Windows Accessories folder.

Animated icons disappear

Animated icons, which They have been accompanying us since Windows 8 They have disappeared, some icons that really have not had the usefulness that Microsoft had thought when it incorporated them into the operating system.

Widgets are back

Windows 11

With Windows Vista widgets arrivedHowever with Windows 7 these disappeared. The problem was not the widgets, it was Windows Vista, one of the worst versions of Windows that Microsoft has released in its history.

With Windows 11, Microsoft has decided give it another try and these will return to the left side of the screen. Through these widgets, we will be able to know the weather forecast, the state of the ball, the sports results, the latest news …

Windows with rounded edges

Windows application windows and menus adopt the same Rounded edges, instead of the classic corners that have been with us since the beginning of Windows times.

The contextual menus that are shown when we click with the mouse on the right button, have shown the same design as the first versions of Windows. With Windows 11, Microsoft has worked to offer a new design in line with the aesthetics that this new version of Windows will offer us.

Easier split screen

Windows Windows 11

With Windows 10, Microsoft introduced a new method to fit apps to screen dragging applications to the sides or corners of the screen. With Windows 11, it has included a new function that is not as fast as the current one, but it is more visual and practical for all users who do not usually use this function.

Cortana disappears

Microsoft announced just over a year ago that stopped developing Cortana as a Windows wizard and it would focus its activity on Office applications, both for desktop and mobile devices.

The classic Cortana access button on the right side of the search box has disappeared, however it is still there available through the start menu.

Windows 11 Price

Microsoft has allowed in practically all these years, upgrade for free to Windows 10 among all those users who had a valid license for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1. Although it is not officially confirmed, it is more than likely that with Windows 11 it will follow the same path.

That is, all users who have upgraded to Windows 10 and have a valid license, they can upgrade to the new version of Windows at no cost.

How to download Windows 11

The version of Windows from which The Verge has extracted all the images that we can see in this article, leaked a few days ago on a Chinese social network, so it does not come directly from Microsoft’s servers, therefore, you have to catch it with tweezers.

The Windows 11 unofficial image you can download it through this link. To create an installation unit, we can make use of the Rufus application and to install it, if we do not have a secondary computer, we can use a virtual machine such as VMware or VirtuaBox.

Windows 11 availability

On June 24, Microsoft will officially present this new version, however, it does not mean that it is released in the form of an update, but that will become part of the Windows Insider beta channel.

At that moment, Windows 11 can be officially downloaded and start using it without any problem on our computer, although, being a beta, the operation of some applications and functions may leave a little to be desired.