Windows 11 is now official: this is Microsoft’s new operating system

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Windows 11

As Microsoft had announced a few days ago, today June 24 Microsoft has officially presented what will be the successor to Windows 10. A few days after announcing the event for today, a complete Windows 11 ISO was leaked, which we are talking about in this article, so this event has only officially confirmed some of the news that will come from the next version of Windows.

As expected, the visual changes are the most striking, but in this case they are not the most important thing in Windows 11. The most important thing in Windows 11 is the possibility of install android apps on Windows. Yes, as you’re reading it, hitting both Google and Apple (who removed that functionality for iOS when macOS Big Sur launched).

New design

Windows 11 - New Design

The design change that attracts the most attention is found in the taskbar, a taskbar that has gone from placing the icons on the left side to the central part, like other operating systems. Best of all, if we don’t like this change, we can continue to use the distribution that comes with Windows from the first versions.

When clicking on the start button, a window is displayed, with rounded borders, which is not punch to the home button, but is displayed in the center of the screen. In this window, the applications that we have previously marked as favorites, the files that we have recently opened and access to all the applications that we have installed on the computer are shown.

At the top of this box, there is the search box, a search box that we can use to search for applications, documents, images, videos, settings menu options or search directly on the internet, the same functions that Windows 10 already offers us .

Higher productivity

Productivity in Windows 11

The Snap Layouts function (waiting to see how they translate it into Spanish) allows us to quickly adjust the open applications / windows to the screen, either in equal halves, thirds, quarters … directly from the maximize button (pressing it for a long time). While it is true that this feature was already available in Windows 10, with Windows 11 they have added new ways to distribute applications.

However, the most attractive feature for productivity in Windows 11 is found in Snap Groups. This function allows us to group applications by desktops and also has memory. If we connect an external monitor to our computer and establish two or more applications on it, when disconnecting it, the applications will disappear, but if we reconnect it, the applications will be shown again.

Integration with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams on Windows 11

Microsoft’s Teams tool became very popular during the coronavirus pannedmia among a large number of companies. Microsoft did not want to be left behind and has worked on a version of Microsoft Teams for everyone, a version with fewer functions but more than enough to organize the family environment, a group of friends …

With Windows 11, Microsoft Teams is integrated into Windows 11, leaving aside Skype, the video calling and messaging application whose functions are also available in Teams, so it is more than likely that Skype has its days numbered and we are not surprised to see as Microsoft sooner or later announces its disappearance.

Widgets return with Windows 11

Widgets in Windows 11

The first appearance, and the last, of the widgets in Windows was with Windows Vista, the worst version of Windows so far, with permission from Windows 8. The widgets disappeared in the next version of Windows, Windows 7, so far They hadn’t reappeared until the last Windows update, which I placed in a shortcut on the taskbar showing the current temperature.

Install Android Apps

Install Android applications in Windows 11

One of the main novelties that we are going to find in Windows 11 is that within the Microsoft Store, we are going to find other application stores. At the time of its launch, the first store that will be available is the Amazon Store, Amazon’s application store to install on your Kindle devices.

This store will allow us to install Android applications in Windows 11 and run them without any problem, as if they were native. Just as we will be able to install applications from the Amazon Store, we can also install applications that we download from the Play Store, as long as Google allows the installation of Google services, since otherwise, it will be impossible.

Windows 11 availability

As expected, Windows 11 will be available as a free update for all users who have a compatible computer managed by Windows 10. Although the release date of the final version is scheduled for Christmas, within a week, it will be released the first official beta within the Windows Insider program.

Windows 11 requirements

Windows 11 requirements

Windows 11 will not be an operating system that can be installed on practically any computer as if it has happened with Windows 10, since the requirements have been increased such as that the processor is 64-bit (there will be no 32-bit version) at 1 GHz and with two or more cores and that the equipment is managed by 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage.

But, the problem that users face is in the new hardware requirement necessary to be able to install this new version of Windows 11: TPM 2.0. TMP 2.0 is designed to guarantee the security of the hardware through cryptographic keys that is only available in the most current equipment (last 5/6 years).

My PC supports Windows 11

To clear up any doubts, Microsoft makes available to us an app that will inform us if our equipment is equipped with TCM 2.0. If our equipment is not compatible, we can wait for the final version of Windows 11 to be released and wait for a patch to be released that eliminates this installation requirement.