Windows 11 arrives tomorrow for everyone: so you can download it and prepare your computer to avoid last minute problems

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Windows 11 It will be a reality in a few hours. Microsoft’s new operating system will arrive at the same time as Office 2021 and it will be possible to install it on compatible equipment and not compatible although in this case with some drawback. We have already seen how you can check if our team meets the requirements and now let’s see how to download Windows 11 and take into account some considerations.

As a rule, If you have a PC with Windows 10 released from 2016, you should not find an obstacle some when making the leap to the new version of Windows. The key is that from that moment on, almost all models already integrate the TPM chip, key to install Windows 11. In this case, getting Windows 11 is very easy.



All that said, the first thing to do is check if our team complies with the requirements. Already we have explained how to do it and now we summarize the requirements that you will need to meet. These are the minimum hardware specifications you will need:

  • You must have a team 2-core or more 1 GHz processor or more.
  • That the processor is 64 bits compatible or system on a chip (SoC).
  • Have a minimum of 4 GB RAM memory.
  • Have at least 64 GB free space on the hard drive on the PC.
  • The equipment must be compatible with Secure Boot.
  • The PC must have the TPM chip. The Trusted Platform Module 2.0 or TPM 2.0, present in the computers since 2016 that we already saw how to activate.
  • Use a DirectX 12 compatible graphics or later and with the WDDM 2.0 driver.
  • That the device has a screen of at least 9 inches diagonal, 720p and 8 bits per color.
  • Use a Microsoft account and Internet connection

All this process is done automatically applications like PC Health Check or WhiNotWin11. If you have marked each section as complete, your PC is compatible.


This for compatible equipment, but if in your case, some of these requirements are missing, you have alternatives to be able to have Windows 11. Not everything is black. You can for example use tools like MediaCreationTool.bat, an open source app that allows you to install Windows 11 by skipping the security checks after installing the corresponding ISO.

Another option is to use any of the modified versions Windows 11 that proliferate on the network. A valid option but with many risks, since you do not know who created the compilation that you are going to install and if it may have some type of hidden malware.

Considerations before upgrading


If you have marked as complete each section that we have seen before, it is interesting to observe considerations before installing Windows 11 and in general before updating any equipment. The first is to make a backup in anticipation of any failure or problem that may arise and that may cause the loss of data, especially those of a personal nature such as videos, photos, documents of all kinds … In addition. This backup can be used to return to Windows 10 so that you will recover the configuration you are using.


Also, if we have installed an antivirus other than Windows Defender, can give more than one break upside down. In this sense, during the installation it may be interesting to deactivate it temporarily to avoid possible conflicts. Thus we make sure that it will not cause any interference during the installation process. And when we have finished the process, we will activate it again and update the virus database.

It is also advisable disconnect all those peripherals that we have connected to the team. External hard drives, game controllers, digitizing tablets … any connected element that is not essential can be disconnected during the process in order to avoid possible interference.

How to install Windows 11


To get Windows 11 it is necessary that the PC on which you are going to install it has Windows 10 and that it is also original and has a license. If this is your case, you can enter the section “Setting” by pressing on the gear wheel and on “Updates and security” look in the section “Windows Update”. If available, it should arrive automatically.

In this sense and as is usually the case in Microsoft, deployment is usually progressive to prevent a possible failure from spreading among many computers. For this reason, even if it arrives on October 5, it may take days or weeks to appear as available.

{“videoId”: “x827oo9”, “autoplay”: true, “title”: “WINDOWS 11 IS OFFICIAL !: ALL about the NEW MICROSOFT OPERATING SYSTEM in 4 MINUTES”}

But if in your case, you don’t want to wait, always you can save time if you decide to download the ISO image official Microsoft releases Windows 11 from the download page, in the same way that until now could be done with Windows 10 images.

Right now, you can only test and use Windows 11 versions that circulate in the development channels (Dev Channel, Beta Channel and Release Preview). These are freeThe same as Windows 11 if you upgrade on a computer that already has an official Windows 10 license or an OEM license.

For now Microsoft has not announced the official price of Windows 11 licenses, but it is expected that they will cost similar to what it costs buy any Windows 10 license.

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Windows 11 arrives tomorrow for everyone: so you can download it and prepare your computer to avoid last minute problems

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Windows 11 arrives tomorrow for everyone: so you can download it and prepare your computer to avoid last minute problems 1

Windows 11 arrives tomorrow for everyone: so you can download it and prepare your computer to avoid last minute problems 2