Wild Rift, new gameplay on your YouTube channel

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We know that this game is already on the market, although it is only available in countries such as South Korea, Japan, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. Practically half Asia already enjoys this mobile game, while for the rest of regions such as Europe, for example, it will be delayed until early december.

League of Legends: Wild Rift

Wild Rift, new gameplay on YouTube

The truth is that the official YouTube account, which already has 500 thousand followers, has been very active in the last two weeks. Riot Games is in charge of uploading a lot of content about how the games will be in Wild Rift. It is not publishing full games, but as a trailer it is uploading gameplays individual of each champion, seeing their abilities and powers.

league of legends wild rift akali

The latter focuses on Akali, an assassin who constitutes one of the oldest Champions in the game, even on her PC version. She’s a pretty powerful hero with a lot of damage, that’s why Riot is meditating on restore its power so as not to generate so much imbalance.

It has a Passive ability, called Twin Discipline, which plays a double role. On the one hand, it gives him an additional charge of magic damage on his basic attacks that increases in proportion to the amount of ability power; while on the other hand, the Power Discipline, grants spell vampirism that increases more attack damage. Also, his irritating ability Twilight Veil causes that in a span of 8 seconds, Akali will launch a smoke screen that will grant him camouflage and movement speed.

Rest of Wild Rift Champions with gameplay

As we’ve mentioned, Akali was only the last to get a gameplay, but on the YouTube channel there is another collection of videos with many more Champions that will participate in the League of Legends title: Wild Rift. In this way, we find general information about how they work in a game in Evelyn, Kai’Sai, Ahri and the new champion Seraphine. As we can see, Riot Games has in mind to make a crossover between the Champions that we already find in the computer version and new ones that are going to appear.

league of legends wild rift gameplay akali

We remember that one of the most differential aspects is that, like its older brother, it will continue to be free to download, with integrated purchases. In addition, Europe, Taiwan, Oceania and Vietnam are scheduled to arrive in December (although the day is unknown), while in America will not arrive until spring 2021.