Wild Rift, how to unlock all champions for free

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Table of Contents

That means that, whether we like it or not, from the first bars we will hardly have champions available to play our games in the Rift. However, there is nothing to worry about, because unlock characters in Wild Rift it’s quite simple, especially at the beginning

League of Legends: Wild Rift

Unlock champions for free in Wild Rift, up to level 10

Since its launch there are more than 40 champions available in Wild Rift, but none of them are within our grasp unless we play games, of course. The free to play mobile title rewards a lot that we dedicate hours to it and to encourage ourselves to do so rewards us with free unlocking of various champions from the beginning of the game.

So there are several characters that can be get totally free thanks to the leveling up of our account. In fact, after completing the initial tutorial we will can choose one of five champions: Ahri, Blitzcrank, Garen, Jinx or Master Yi.

free wild rift champion events

You really don’t have to dwell on this choice about which one to choose first because all the rest you will get right away. And is that in the first 10 levels of our account We will unlock several champions as a reward.

All free champions in Wild Rift

With the idea that the player can climb much better in the game while trying all the main positions, Riot offers a juicy starting gift with up to 11 champions in just 10 levels, a high number of rewards that are described in this classification:

  • Level 1: Garen and Jinx
  • Level 2: Ahri
  • Level 3: Blitzcrank
  • Level 4: Master Yi
  • Level 5: Ashe
  • Level 6: Annie
  • Level 7: Vi
  • Level 8: Nasus
  • Level 9: Lux
  • Level 10: Janna

Get free champions in Chests

The champion selection chests They are also another opportunity to get hold of new champions that we don’t have yet. These chests are get as special rewards for certain milestones, such as completing in-game tutorials, completing missions, clearing event challenges, and more:

  • If you have one of these chests you can open it to choose the champion you want from the list of available.
  • Remember don’t pick a champion you already have Unlocked (since in that case you receive 2,750 Blue Specks and lose the opportunity to get one that you do not have yet).

free champions chests selection wild rift

Another way to unlock free champions in Wild Rift is paying attention to temporary events that Riot Games adds to the title. Often times these events include the rewards of obtaining a champion.

  • Pay attention to temporary events that appear in the game.
  • Complete the missions, challenges and phases of the events to receive all the rewards (and win a new champion if necessary).

Get champions by paying Wild Cores

We finally want mention the payment method to unlock champions. Of course in a game of this style it is also possible spend real money to immediately get a champion we like. This is done by exchanging Wild Cores in the shop, which are Wild Rift’s payout currency (similar to PC RPs).

  • The Champions cost 725 wild cores (which would be equivalent to approximately 7.50 euros).
  • Remember that the price in this currency may vary for special offers or sales or because the champion has been available for a long time in the store.