WIld Rift, how to play with Rakan and the best builds

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Each fighter within The Rift has a nickname, being ‘The Enchanter’ that of Rakan. A champion of which we have enough information to offer you, we believe enough to know how to use it and how to get the most out of it.

League of Legends: Wild Rift
League of Legends: Wild Rift

Rakan Features

All champions include a background or a brief context that explains the characterization of each character. In Rakan’s case, it’s the Xayah’s love duo in League of Legends: Wild Rift. Precisely, both Xayah and Rakan will maintain the same style as the PC version of League of Legends, maintaining some common passive characteristics of both.

What’s more, Rakan will surely be one of the supports most played games in the game with Lulu and Alistar, as the champions of engage and such unique mechanics are quite used in Wild Rift. They come from the lands of Ionia, a rebellious couple known for their great cunning, versatility, and of course, their lethality and precision.

rakan lol wild rift xayah

This love story is not only a mere subplot to get to know the composers more thoroughly, but it also moves to the battlefield. Both have great synergy if they coincide on the same team during the game, where the best part of playing Rakan with Xayah is that together as a duo they improve the skills of both champions.

Speaking more specifically of Rakan. He is a support champion based on ability power damage that mainly plays on lower lanes or Dragon lane. In fact, Rakan is one of those support champions that are a bit difficult to master. Rakan is an excellent initiator and when duty calls, he is very good at helping out with his basic combo and stopping anyone hunting his carry.

Rakan’s active and passive abilities

His passive ability, Enchanted Feathers, allows Rakan to periodically gain a shield, after taking no damage in combat. Let’s move on to your active skills:

  • Shimmering Quill: Throw a magic feather that deals magic damage. Upon hitting an enemy champion or epic monster, allow Rakan to heal nearby allies.

  • Grand Entrance: Rakan drifts to a location, knocking all enemies through the air upon arrival.

  • Combat Dance: When activated, Rakan will fly up to an allied champion and grant them a shield. This ability can be reactivated at no cost for a short time.

  • Ultimate – Haste– Rakan will gain movement speed, as well as dealing damage and enchanted enemies hit.

rakan lol wild rift skills

The best runes of this support

Rakan will often attempt to cast a series of AoE Crowd Control abilities on a group of enemy champions. To do this, you will need a bit of stamina. The rune Fountain of life it will work well with your health items and will generate significant regeneration to your allies. In red, soft spot it will increase the pressure on the target you have decided to control. As Rakan is a great roaming support, we can without hesitation go to the hunter branch, in particular the rune Hunter: Titan, which synergizes perfectly with Fountain of life.

Main objects

Routinely in League of Legends, the purchase of items for your champion will depend on each match, especially the composition of the opponent. Below, you will find the equipment that is most effective in Rakan, in an order of priority that will be useful to you, being the bold objects safe bets.

WIld Rift, how to play with Rakan and the best builds 1

1. Protector’s promise

WIld Rift, how to play with Rakan and the best builds 2

2. Zeke convergence

WIld Rift, how to play with Rakan and the best builds 3

3. Enchanted Boots: Redemption

WIld Rift, how to play with Rakan and the best builds 4

4. Burning censer

WIld Rift, how to play with Rakan and the best builds 5

5. Harmonic echo

How to play with Rakan in LoL: Wild Rift

We already know Rakan a little better: his story, its synergy with Xayah, their role on the battlefield, their runes and even the best items to choose from during the game. The question that arises is how do you use all this combo in a split situation, since, as we have mentioned before, it is difficult to master and a character that does not compete equally in any situation by being support.

Like Xayah, there are two factors that stand out in Rakan that differentiate it from other media: Its extreme mobility and its synergy with Xayah. Being a champion with defensive and initiation skills, it is expected that when you use Rakan, you will have the initiative to engage in confrontations.

rakan lol wild rift xayah

Your most common combo will be to use your Grand Entrance, to lift any enemy that is badly positioned into the air, always trying to take care of those who are close to you and your objective. After this, use your Gleaming Pen to fully attack part of its life bar and activate its healing passive.

After this and if you see yourself and your ally in danger, use your Combat Dance to return to him, and in case you have hit your Shining Pen, heal them both. Also, on the return to base Rakan can return to Xayah and vice versa, saving more time to return to battle. You Definitive will be vital for team fights, so you should save them for when necessary, or see that one or more enemies can fall easily.