Wild Rift, how to play with Blitzcrank and better builds

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Table of Contents

Another installment with a complete guide to another of the heroes that make up the LoL catalog: Wild Rift. It is a totally different one from Kennen, due to dimensions, characteristics and role, so it will be interesting to see what this big man offers us in the League of Legends arena.

League of Legends: Wild Rift
League of Legends: Wild Rift

Blitzcrank Features

If with Kennen we mentioned that size did not matter, due to its tiny height, in this case the characteristics of Blitzcrank are very consistent with the dimensions it carries.

blitzcrank features

Blitzcrank plays support, great support if you play it offensive. In this case, just as there are offensive and defensive support champions, this support is offensive. Offensive supports are those that have a lot of life, regenerate life per second, have strong armor and magic resistance. In contrast, defensive supports also heal allies.

Blitzcrank abilities

  • Mana Barrier (Passive): When Blitzcrank’s Life drops below 20% he triggers a mana barrier. This creates a shield equal to 50% of his mana for 10 seconds. Mana Barrier only occurs once every 90 seconds.
  • Missile grab: Blitzcrank fires his right hand to grab an opponent in his path, dealing damage and pulling them towards him.
  • Overload: Blitzcrank overloads himself to dramatically increase his movement speed and attack speed.
  • Power fist: Blitzcrank charges his fist so his next attack deals double damage and knocks the target into the air.
  • Static field: Passively causes lightning to damage a nearby enemy. Additionally, Blitzcrank can activate this ability to damage nearby enemies and silence them for 0.5 seconds, but doing so removes passive beams until the static field is available again.

The best builds of this tank

The rune Reverberation it will optimize your burst on the target that would have the misfortune to suffer your crowd control skills. Your grip could be deadly, whenever possible to use it. The weakness, in red, is also part of this idea: that of leaving the least possible possibility of survival for your victim.

Blitzcrank is a good roamer (champion of passing a lane to another by surprise). That is why Hunter: Titan will help you maximize this potential. Finally, always with this in mind, Rifleman increase your mobility in the river or the jungle, to quickly reach in support of other lanes.

Main objects

Purchasing items for your champion will vary during each game, especially depending on the opponent’s lineup. You will then find the team that is effective on your champion, in an order of priority that is still indicative. The elements in bold font they are safe bets, in which you can rush in 90% of your games.

How to play Blitzcrank in LoL: Wild Rift

Among the advice that we can give about this hero when acting in the game. Blitzcrank se eat the mana excessivelyso be careful if you don’t want to spend long minutes in the lane unable to cast spells and totally defenseless.

blitzcrank lol wild rift gameplay

Feel free to move through other lanes to surprise opponents. A grappling hit often spells death for your team, if you are outnumbered. Not seeing yourself on the minimap will put a lot of pressure on opposing lanes, so playing in the fog of war is recommended. If you use Blitzcrank’s grip to push an enemy into range of your tower and then a Power fist, your tower will be able to attack it multiple times.