Wikipedia turns 20 and thinks ahead

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It was officially launched on January 15, 2001. Jimmy Wales’ shared knowledge platform is based on the contribution of volunteers and is, to date, the thirteenth most consulted site in the world.

Wikipedia, the world’s most visited online encyclopedia, turns 20. With his 55 million articles written Just by volunteers in 300 languages ​​it has become the thirteenth most visited site in the world. “The only long-term path to peace, prosperity and freedom is knowledge,” wrote founder Jimmy Wales on Twitter on the occasion, asking users to continue to support the project for a more caring and educated world.

The first 20 years of Wikipedia

The encyclopedia open to the contribution of volunteers was born on January 15, 2001 and it still clings to the economic model of raising funds from Internet users. Over the years, he has taken positions in favor of Internet freedom and issues such as:

  • Copyright
  • surveillance
  • censorship

Like all web platforms, after all, it is not perfect and over the years there have been several disputes. In particular, that of the editing of their voices and the accusations of sexism. Problems that led the Wikimedia Foundation, at the head of Wikipedia, to produce a new code of ethics that should come into force in the coming months.

“Wikipedia has evolved from a seemingly impossible idea to a sprawling testament to humanity, a place where we can collaborate, share, and learn about anything.” ❤️@Wikimedia CEO of the Foundation @krmaher is reflected in # Wikipedia20.

– Wikipedia (@Wikipedia) January 15, 2021