Why is Snapchat not working on Android? Solutions

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Snapchat Android not working

Snapchat is one of the most popular applications among young Android users. As can happen with any app on the phone, this social network can suffer from functional problems on occasion. This may also be your case and if this is the case, we leave you below with a series of solutions to try to find out why Snapchat does not work on Android.

It is a series of simple solutions that any Android user will be able to try. Thanks to them, it will be possible to put an end to the problem or failure that the application is suffering at that time. So it does not matter why Snapchat does not work on Android, since we will be able to solve this error. There are many possible solutions.

Has Snapchat crashed?

Snapchat logo

When an application like Snapchat stops working, read a social network, it is usual that the origin of this problem is that the application has been crashed. It is not uncommon for an application like Snapchat to go down, to be specific that its servers have gone down. This has the consequence that the application does not work at that moment on our phone or that it has many operating problems, such as that some functions are not available. Therefore, we must check at all times if this is the case or not, if the app has been crashed, to at least rule out this option.

Downdetector is one of the best and simplest tools that we can use in this sense. This web, available at this link, it will show us why Snapchat does not work, in the event that there are operating problems with the app or its servers. It is indicated if there are problems with it in the last hours, since users report such problems. So we can see if there are recently any problems with the operation of the social network. In addition, a map is also displayed, which will allow us to see if it is a global problem or affects certain regions, including ours. This will be able to confirm if the social network has fallen or not.

Restart the app

Snapchat Android

Secondly, we can resort to a really simple solution, but one that works very well when faced with problems in applications. If Snapchat has stopped working on your Android phone or is having a lot of trouble working normally, we can restart the app. It is possible that it is a specific failure in the processes of the app or those of the phone. Restarting the application stops these processes and we can make it start over from scratch, so that it will work normally as before that failure.

What we have to do in this case is close Snapchat completely on the phone. We can do this from the recent applications menu (click on the center button at the bottom of the mobile) and then close the app. We wait a few seconds and then proceed to open the application again on the phone. It is very likely that after having done this the application will work correctly on our Android phone. It is a simple solution, which helps us on many occasions, since there are times when an app simply suffers a temporary failure or has frozen on the mobile, stopping responding. With this solution it will work again.

Internet connection

Slow internet connection

Snapchat is an application that needs an Internet connection to work. Therefore, another reason why Snapchat does not work on Android is that the Internet connection is not good. If at any time we have problems with the Internet connection, it will translate into problems when using this social network on the mobile. It will not be possible to use it normally or we may even not be able to use the app in general. In this situation, it is important that we go to check the status of our Internet connection, to rule out problems or determine if it is the origin of this failure. This is something we can do in a number of ways:

  1. Change connection: If you are using mobile data at the moment, switch to a WiFi network (or vice versa). The connection you are currently using may be down or the speed is too slow. If we switch to a different connection, we may have a good speed again and then we can use Snapchat again normally.
  2. Open other apps: If you think or know that the connection is good, you can open other apps that need Internet on your phone (like Google Chrome). This way you will be able to easily check if the problem resides or not in your Internet connection.
  3. Speed ​​test: If you want to find out about the speed of your Internet connection, you can use a speed test. It may be a bad connection or a low connection speed that is causing this problem with Snapchat. Doing a test will give us exactly the speed we have at that moment and thus see if it is really the cause of this problem or not.

Restart the phone

Another very basic solution, but which is still one of the ones that works best when faced with problems on our Android phone or problems with an application on the mobile. There are times when They are problems in the processes of the app or the phone those that cause an app to malfunction or stop working altogether. When asked why Snapchat is not working, it may be one of those processes that is causing it. Therefore, we can restart our smartphone, so that all those processes are stopped, including those in which there are problems and that cause the app to malfunction.

Hold down on the phone’s power button and wait for an on-screen menu to appear. In this on-screen menu you have to click on the Restart button. Wait a couple of minutes until this process is complete and the phone turns on again. You will only have to enter your access PIN and thus you will be placed back on the home screen of the same. When you are already in it, you will only have to open Snapchat on your phone, to see if it works. It is very likely that the social network will function normally again.

It is a fairly simple solution, but the truth is that we can apply to any type of problem with applications or games on Android. It works well and is also very easy to apply, which is another extremely important aspect, so it is worth using it. It is still something that gives very good results in the face of these problems on Android.

Clear Snapchat cache

Clear cache on Android

The cache is a memory that is generated as we use the applications on our Android phone. Thanks to this cache, an app on the mobile will open more quickly and helps a more fluid use experience of said application on the mobile. Although accumulating a large amount of cache is something that also has its risks. Since if a large amount of cache accumulates on the phone, it is possible that it will be corrupted and then generate a functioning problem in that application. This could be the case now, being the possible answer to why Snapchat is not working.

In this situation, We can bet on clearing the cache of this app on the mobile. By doing this, the problems will end and the app will work normally again on the mobile. The steps we have to follow if we want to clear the Snapchat cache on Android are:

  1. Open your phone settings.
  2. Enter the Applications section.
  3. Look for Snapchat in the list of applications.
  4. Enter this app.
  5. Go to the Memory section in the app.
  6. Then click on Clear cache or Clear data and cache (depends on your phone and its version of Android).


Why is Snapchat not working on Android? The answer may be that we have to update the application. If we are using a somewhat old version of the app, operating problems may begin to arise with it on the mobile. This could be the cause of your current operating problems, so we can search the Play Store if there is a new version or update of the app available that we are going to be able to install. Updating to that new version usually works and solves this failure.

On the other hand, the problems with Snapchat may have started. after updating to a new version of the app. If this is the case, we can wait for those responsible for the app to launch a new version of it in the Play Store. We can also choose to go back to a previous version of the app that works, so that we can continue using it until that new version is released.