Why does it come out "Helps improve autocomplete" when writing in some apps and how to avoid it

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For the past couple of months, some users have been getting the “Help improve AutoComplete” or, in English, “Help improve autofill” message from time to time when trying to type in some applications. It is a function of the Gboard beta and not from the application in which it comes out or some type of malware.

If you are intrigued by the “Help to improve autocomplete” message that appears from time to time, we will tell you what exactly it is, what it is for and how can you make sure it doesn’t come out again, if you do not intend to help at any time.

Google wants your help

Google requires the help of users to improve many of its products, and its keyboard app, Gboard, is no exception. From the keyboard settings, you can activate various options to share data with the company, such as contributing with voice fragments, sharing usage statistics or improving voice and writing. They are all optional.

A new way to help Gboard came with Gboard version 10.0, of November. Since then, the application has sporadically displayed a “Help Improve AutoComplete” prompt in the type boxes of various applications. The notice itself is not very annoying, though sometimes covers some interface buttons, so you need to tap it and dismiss it or juggle to ignore it.

Help autocomplete

Google has not included information about this function in the Gboard help at the moment, although the window that appears when you tap on the notice gives the basic information. Is a optional way to share data with Google to improve autocompletion by Gboard.

The most controversial thing is that the way to help is sharing a screenshot With google. Considering that the notice appears in all types of applications, including business chat applications, perhaps it is asking too much. At least Google claims that the capture is anonymous and is deleted after 8 days.

Be that as it may, if you want to collaborate with Google, you must press Take a screenshot and, If you don’t want the notice to appear again, press Never. In the latter case, you will not have the option to change your mind, because in the Gboard beta settings this does not appear anywhere.

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Why does “Help improve autocomplete” appear when typing in some apps and how to avoid it

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Why does it come out "Helps improve autocomplete" when writing in some apps and how to avoid it 1

Why does it come out "Helps improve autocomplete" when writing in some apps and how to avoid it 2