Why does DAZN ask you for a PIN to watch boxing and other sports?

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Table of Contents

DAZN parental control or parental PIN It may not be as necessary as in other websites or services where we can find adult content such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video or Disney + since the arrival of Star. It is difficult to consider that there are “adult sports” but DAZN does consider: there are channels or streaming programs that you will not be able to watch if you are not of legal age.

Interesting to know that DAZN parental controls You are not only interested if you have children or children at home but you are interested in if you are a DAZN user in any case because you will have to verify that you are an adult from account settings. That is, yes or yes, you will have to establish a parental control PIN code to use your account if you want to watch certain sports, no matter how old you are or whether or not there are minors at home or whether they are going to use the account.

What sports are on DAZN?

DAZN is a streaming platform specialized in sports that offers us all kinds of competitions and leagues, from all over the world. We can see motor, football, basketball, tennis, handball, boxing, MMA, cycling, darts, snooker or other sports in its “sports center” section. Beyond the competitions themselves we also find DAZN Originals that are programs related to the content offered.

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What sports are for over 18s?

Although it may change with a specific competition or another, DAZN asks us to verify our age in mainly two sports categories: in MMA (both in the competitions themselves and in the programs about this sport) and in boxing. In the case of boxing you may find some interviews “for all audiences” but most of the original DAZN content and the fights will be for over 18 years so you will have to verify your age from the settings.


How do I know which competitions require verification?

It’s simple, when you go to watch adult content, the platform will show us a message: age verification is required. “If the content is cataloged for people over 18, you have to enter your PIN number.”

Do I have to verify the age?

Yes, as we have told you in the first paragraphs, DAZN’s parental control It is not a parental control if there are children at home or there are teenagers who do not want them to watch a specific sport (for whatever reason) but it is mandatory that you record your age and enter a PIN code if you want to see the whole catalog. Is it mandatory? Not necessarily if you “skip” these sports. If you have DAZN to watch tennis and soccer, you can live quietly and use the platform without setting your age on it.

Check your age on DAZN

If you have decided to do it, we will explain how. To verify the age in DAZN we have to do it from the settings … From the web or from the mobile application.

  • Go to the DAZN website
  • Login with your username and password
  • Tap in the upper right corner and go to the “Menu” section
  • Open “Settings” from the drop-down menu
  • On the left side you will find a series of options
  • Choose “Parental Control”

Once here we will have to verify our age. In the vast majority of cases, no application or service asks us our age to configure the account. For example, we can configure Disney + parental controls without giving proof that we are over 18 years old. Or Netflix or Prime Video. We just put in our date of birth and they “trust” us. Here it won’t work for us with that.

Step 1

The first screen of the parental control will show us a drop-down menu in which we have to choose the type of identity document that we are going to use to give our data. We can choose between: passports, German identity card, Italian identity card, Italian identity card, DNI, German identity card. If you are a citizen of Spain and you read us from this country, choose the option “DNI”.

Once you have selected “DNI” in the drop-down, we have to fill in a series of data. In the back of your national identity document you will see ten characters between symbols <<<<< These will be the ones you have to enter here.

Step 1 Parental DAZN

What are the numbers that we find behind the DNI?

The first two characters that appear are the type of document that is (ID) and then we will find a series of letters and numbers: after ID we will find “ESP” if we are in Spain and, after the country identifier, the serial number of the support. You will also see a check digit, the DNI number (which is the one you know by heart) and the date of birth in “backwards” format (year / month / day). After the date of birth you will find the second digit of control and an M or an F depending on your gender. The following code is when your DNI expires and, after that date, a third control number.

Step 2

DAZN will recognize your DNI code and will instantly confirm whether or not you are 18 years old. A pop-up window will appear telling you that your age has been correctly verified and you will have to tap on “Continue”. Now, in step 2, we have to choose a personal four-digit PIN code to view the content for over 18s.

Parental verified DAZNEnter the PIN code twice to confirm it, with four numbers, and tap on “Configure now”. The service will automatically notify you that the PIN has been created correctly and you can now use it to access the content.

Pin code

Write PIN

Do I always have to enter the PIN code to watch these sports? Yes. You cannot create multiple profiles as in other platforms such as Netflix or Prime Video but you will have no choice but to write the PIN code whenever go see boxing or MMA.

Age verification

Reset PIN code

If you forget the PIN code, nothing happens, because you can reset it. We simply have to follow the same steps as before to configure it the first time.

  • Open Settings
  • Go to Parental Control
  • Tap on “Reset PIN now”

Reset PIN code

Follow steps 1 and 2 that we have explained before, with the DNI numbers, and change the PIN code for another that you will always remember. It doesn’t have to be a particularly secure code if only you use the account and you don’t want to forget it.

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