Which password manager should I use to replace LastPass?

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Which password manager should I use to replace LastPass? 1

LastPass is one of the password managers with the best reputation in Spain, a manager that in recent hours has announced an important change in its policy of features for free users, preventing you from using the manager on PC and mobile phone at the same time unless you are a paying user.

If you’re a free LastPass user, these changes won’t affect you until March 16. However, the countdown has started, and if you are in this situationyou will have to make a decision. It can be to stay as a free user, switch to the payment method or take the opportunity to change services.

Similarly, if you weren’t using a password manager, it’s a good time to consider it. A password manager is a store that takes care of remembering all our passwords, encrypting them to keep them safe. We only have to remember a master password, and the manager will save those for each website, email or application. Being managed,we can use much more complex passwords, reinforcing the security of our accounts.

Quality password managers exist many, but in our search we have focused on those that offer free access from various devices.

Google’s default password manager

Which password manager should I use to replace LastPass? 2

Probably the manager most used by all Android users, as it is integrated into Android with our own Google account. This is a simple option that we don’t even need to register for. It is able to save our users and passwords for web pages and applications.

In addition to being integrated into Android, the Chrome browser is also capable of accessing our accounts easily. It has the possibility of generating secure passwords when we register on a website, an essential when it comes to having a secure password management. You also have the ability to access your passwords from Passwords.Google.com.

  • Advantage:
    • Integration with our Google, Android and Chrome account.
    • So easy to use that you have most likely been using it for years without knowing what a password manager is.
    • Completely free.
  • Disadvantages:
    • Password management too simple.
    • We do not have a desktop application.
    • It is linked to our Google account.


Which password manager should I use to replace LastPass? 3

Bitwarden is the one that has convinced me the most in the search. Its free version offers access for a user on all our devices with synchronization, being able to classify types of passwords, in addition to having 2-step authentication and secure password generation. In terms of access, we have support for Windows, Linux and Mac on PC, access to the most popular browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Vivaldi, Brave and Tor), as well as Android, iOS and its website .

Although its free mode is quite good, the paid version offers very interesting extras for $ 10 a month, such as emergency access, support for physical security keys, its own authenticator and 1 GB of encrypted storage in the cloud.


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Enpass is an application that if we go to its website is focused on offering an experience for paying users. Its free version offers full access to all the features, while in the mobile application we will be limited to 25 elements. In this sense it seems very limited, but we have added it because if you are a Google Play Pass user you havefree Premium access.

At the compatibility level, we have support for Android (with support for smartwatch), iOS, Windows, Linux, Mac and some of the most popular browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera and Vivaldi).

Among its features, it stands out for its completely local access, since our passwords will never be saved on the Enpass servers. Yes, we can synchronize in the cloud that we choose (Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, Box, WebDAV, Nextcloud, OneDrive, in a local folder or with none) and in the option that we choose the files will be encrypted. We have all the expected features like advanced password generation.

The free alternative: KeePass

Which password manager should I use to replace LastPass? 6

As a third alternative, we wanted to highlight KeePass for those who prefer to bet on a free project. It is a veteran application that has all kinds offorks for PC, browser, Android and iOS.

At the interface level, it leaves something to be desired (both the official application and the clients based on its source code) but it provides reliability by using the best encryption standards and the total guarantee of being a project that will never pay back. It is less convenient than commercial solutions, but it delivers on the crucial aspects.

Keepass official page.

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