App v Site: Which Online Casino Should You Use?

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App v Site: Which Online Casino Should You Use?

Helped by the closure, both temporary and permanent, of casino and entertainment venues, the rise of iGaming in the past couple of years has been notable.

It’s been one of the most prominent reasons why more people have taken to gaming on digital devices rather than experiencing their hobby in person. Even since the reopening of some venues, it’s been found that people are still enjoying the more convenient ways to play.

Research undertaken by Statista now suggests that the market for people taking to their favorite pastime online is now valued at over $66billion. That figure is forecasted to rise to over $90million by the end of 2023.

With interest in digital games being so high, there are a growing number of ways for players to connect with their preferred titles too. The smartphone has become a platform of choice for many, with the percentage of people picking up their mobile to game rising by over 117%.

However, according to a Cisco annual report, the number of people using computers to access the internet is projected to grow to over 5billion by 2023, which will drive the online gaming market even further.

App v Site: Which Online Casino Should You Use?

But what are the benefits and disadvantages of either platform and which should you use? We take a look below at the options.


Potential players on Apple or Android-powered smartphones or tablets shouldn’t be put off by thinking that the options offered on the go aren’t as extensive as the static devices. Most apps offer the same range of games as a browser-based site and come with similar welcome offers as well.

As an example, the Coral Casino App from Google Play has titles such as Big Banker and Fishin’ Frenzy, both of which are also among the offerings on their website.

These sit alongside the more traditional offerings like roulette, poker, and blackjack on the app, and they’re designed specifically for smaller devices. Also, bear in mind that the apps don’t rely on a modem or on Wi-Fi access; they’re playable with the data connection from your smart device too.

However, please take note of your data plan before trying a casino app; you wouldn’t want to be halfway through a game only to miss out due to running out of data

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It may turn out that your favorite provider’s platform isn’t compatible with your mobile device, but you won’t have that problem on a computer by visiting a gaming website.

You will have the advantage of a bigger screen, potentially a more comfortable seating position, and an arguably more solid, stable connection to the internet. It could be you simply prefer using your bigger device for gaming; after all, they may have more familiar, tactile controls.

You can’t use these devices for that quick gaming session on the go, though; you have to have that space in your house to store your device. You can’t get just the desktop out of your pocket; it’s not as convenient as the mobile experience.

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Overall, both options have their pluses and minuses. But the differences between both platforms are now as minimal as they’ve ever been.

Whether you want to see the latest live game show-type offerings to the more traditional table games, right now, there’s no right or wrong choice. The platforms have moved on so much and are so powerful in their own right; arguably, the only decision you have to make is based upon personal taste.